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VIDEO: Say what? President Obama needs to spell check

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (CNN) – Some of the most famous voices in R&B and Soul music were guests of honor at the White House Thursday night for PBS’ “Women of Soul” event. Though President Obama tripped up a bit while introducing the “Queen of Soul.”

“When Aretha first told us what… R-S… P-E-C-T… meant to her,” the president said.

We assume the president meant no "dis"-respect to Aretha Franklin.

Franklin wowed a VIP audience that included Michelle Obama, members of the president's cabinet and  a former Detroit mayor.

Also performing at the event were Patti LaBelle and Melissa Etheridge.


  • Yawanna be

    These news channels need a spell check with almost every article they write. I think it’s pretty much hypocritical to nic pic the PRESIDENT when it’s comes to respect and spell checking.

    • Jed Starnes

      Are you old enough to remember what the media did to Dan Quayle for reading a misspelled word on a card which was handed to him by a school teacher?

      • joe blow

        that’s what happens when he takes his eyes off the teleprompters. there are several examples of his doing gaffes of thar sort. what a laughing stock!

  • me

    More transparent lies: “The Most Intelligent” and “The Nobel Peace Prize Winner”. Goes along with “The Great Hope that Changed All
    things for the Better”.

    • airjackie

      We really do have to stop getting these uneducated Affirmative Action Presidents elected even if Obama did not use it he is still biracial and had to need someone. George W. Bush used Affirmative Action to get in college and he is ranked one of the best US Presidents with something he said was Bushisms. Well at lease when Senator Paul is elected young people can legally plagiarize and cheat. Maybe Sarah Palin will run for President she is a better example of US education then Obama because Sarah can see Russia from her window and as she said she gets her news off a Starbucks cup. She represents the true intelligence of America.

  • manalishi

    Speaking of Palin,,,wasn’t she right prdicting russi’s invasion of the Ukraine? And the death panels? And the energy policy? Wouldn’t it great to have those odds in Vegas? Much better than the plastic bobble head messiah. True intelligence. Maybe the loser fraud in charge should start reading Starbucks cups.

    i suppose you would prefer the Benghazi cankles queen.

    • Lyndsay

      Lol if he can’t spell it he doesn’t deserve it..not that he’s done anything. To deserve it.

  • Regina

    Smh at all of you,…..we all live in America so what affects one, will affect all. So Obama, Bush, or who ever else, this country has been a disaster for years and no one has done anything to really improve anything. Misspelled words or if their spelled correctly won’t change a thing. Everyone has a way out, i mean really and no one really knows how hard it is to get out of it unless you’re the one trying to do it. So kudos to Bush, Obama, and the rest for what ever you’ve done to attemp to make it better and of course everyone has their own perspective of better….

  • Regina

    Oh and Lyndsay a period is not need at the end of anything your sentence wasn’t finish…….prime example………we all make mistakes.

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