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JAILHOUSE INTERVIEW: Suspects in 10-mile police chase talk to CBS 6

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HENRICO, Va. (WTVR)- It was a wild, ten-mile chase from the northern part of Henrico off Parham Road to the eastern end on Mechanicsville Turnpike Thursday afternoon.

24 hours later, the driver of that car, his cousin, and a third suspect were behind bars at the Henrico County Jail.  Two of them told me their side of the story.

"I had my hands up and I was like ‘stop being so dramatic, before we get shot,’” said Jerard Liggins.  “Be quiet."   Liggins admits he was driving the gold car being chased by police.

He says he was trying to keep his front passenger and girlfriend Jasmine Fisher calm before police yanked him from the vehicle.

“They said, ‘Freeze! Nobody move!’  Of course they gonna’ do that,” Liggins said.  “That's a chase, but you ain't gotta’ swing a gun at me.” “You think it was intentional?” I asked.   “I don't know, man, it happened so fast," he said.

Liggins’ cousin Trevor Montague was sitting in the back seat of the car, with what police say was a freshly-swiped flat screen TV.  "Police ain't touch me," he said.

He admitted that once they crashed, the adrenaline was pumping.  "They was pissed off. They was mad," Montague said.

Henrico Police had begun their pursuit of the car after neighbors reported a break-in at a house in the Lakeside area.

"I know the guy Dan that lives there," said Liggins.

Liggins said suspect Aaron Brockington had had some dealings with ‘Dan’ before.  Montague claimed he was just along for the ride, with Liggins in the driver seat.

"I wasn't really paying attention,” said Montague.  “I didn't know if it was a girl’s house he messed with, or [fourth suspect] Jasmine [Fisher]'s house. “So you didn't get out of the car?” I asked.   He shook his head.

Once they left the house, though, police were quickly in pursuit.

"He hit the lights, I hit the gas,” said Ligggins.  “We was going really fast."

Speeds at 110 plus, according to Montague, who says there were some near misses.

"I almost hit a tractor-trailer, and some other cars," said Liggins.

Liggins says he did all he could to avoid spike strips and ultimately the crash that ends the heated chase on Cool Lane.

"Stuff happens, man.  Bad luck, karma,” said Liggins.  “Guess it's my past haunting me.  I don't know."

Both men said they hoped to get out on bond before their April hearings because they have families to take care of.  But Liggins also acknowledged he had been out on parole since October after serving just part of a 16 ½ year sentence for a prior robbery.



  • Arlo Givens

    I can’t believe WTVR is giving this idiot air time. What are you trying to make him out to be? A victim of a racist justice system? He is thief, who put a lot of innocent people in harms way. I hope he stays locked for a long time. Fortunately he screwed up in Henrico, instead of the city where he would have been sentenced to the “day care” center.

  • Manalishi.

    It’s such a shame that these pillars of the community had to travel 10 miles at over 100 MPH and crash while they were just on their way to the library to study up a cure for cancer.

    Now they get to finish up their post grad studies and get their masters degree in “stereotypical democrat university”. This symbol of higher learning is in almost every municipality and is fully accredited by the poverty purveyors that preach tolerance.


  • RVA Excapee (ebonics pronunciation)

    Here we see the complete and utter disregard for our law by the permanent underclass. Felons with firearms, engaged in the criminal activity of burglary and possible robbery coupled with endangering the public with a weapon of mass destruction.

    What are the chances that this is a first offense? Practically nil.

    It is time to stop coddling criminals because of imaginary racism and get on with punishment enough to deter such activity. However, as long as the Communist Party (you know them by their code name) can count on their relatives to turn out at the polls, it is not going to happen.

    The Party Comrades will place all the blame on society, public schools, racism and inanimate objects. But we know where the evil lies – in the hearts of men.

    Devils Island for the lot of them.

    • ab

      There are still parole cases. After parole was abolished no new cases were released under parole supervision but cases which predate the law are still under the authority of the parole board. And are released on parole supervision. .

  • Ed

    High speed chase, gun possession by a felon, stolen items in the car,but they don’t be doin wrong.

  • kevin

    wow,good job know wtvr would be the channel to give them airtime.these idiots will be back on the street in a couple weeks thanks to the revolving door in Henrico county now.They think this is a rap video or something.I say put them to work building new prisons and stop using the “we had to let them out due to overcrowding” excuse.

  • Glen Allen

    While it seems these people have the potential to be very dangerous, at this point, their crimes are not that severe, and the owner of the flat screen TV will likely not press charges, so they face only motor vehicle violations. I thought I read somewhere that they had a gun (but it does not mention one here, so maybe not), but did not use it. The best punishment here would be a forced education (especially in English), so that they can maybe someday become productive. Prison time may keep them away from us, but in reality, the crimes do not warrant that much time behind bars, and when they get out, they will still be uneducated, and unproductive.

  • that guy

    Judging others on little information isn’t that a sin u do holders try to appear perfect but what r u doing wrong now don’t throw stones when ur house is made of glass and that idiot u like to call him is my brother u don’t know if hr u republicans make me sick

  • robby

    oh and that guy,youre an idiot also.Youre talk and wanna be attitude only proves our point.You are the reason for our sorry schools and declining society.thanks for your worthless input though.tell it to someone who cares ,unlike your mother.Maybe obama,naacp our your absent father.

    • BO

      Agreed,I seen a few posters that were relatives over the years post about the goodness in the people arrested and yet they still don’t even read what people are saying.(spelling no1).ebonics no2,If you want to beat someone you have to do it at their level not yours.hope this got through.

  • Liz

    Well. this channel has sunk to a new low for journalism. This story has no redeeming value as news (and yes, I just had to click on it out of sheer curiosity) but does anyone realize that everything said here is admissable? This idiot just confessed in an online news story – bet his attorney is just thrilled. Nice going there, WTVR and Jon Burkett.

    • Manalishi.

      Well put Liz. May i add that we thee people are stuck paying the bill for their court appointed attorney.

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