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Somewhere over the rainbow a first grader with cancer rode a unicorn

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uniocrn1PARK HILLS, MO – A Missouri first grader with cancer got her wish to ride over a rainbow abreast a unicorn, and her whole school was there as she did it.

Summer Warren, seven-years-old, has an inoperable cancer wrapped around her brain stem, according to affiliates KTVI.  She told the Make-A-Wish foundation about her wish.

Park Hill’s Daily Journal reports that the charity didn’t know what to do about it. So, her entire school banded together to make Summer’s dream come true.

The North County Primary principal, art teachers and community volunteers transformed the gym into a castle on Wednesday. Summer sat before her classmates on a throne of glitter. All the students carried wands.

Principal Emily Bach started the ceremony with a story.

He read, “Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess named Summer.”

The students waved their wands in unison, to help a unicorn appear. That’s when a horse, errr a unicorn, with a horn of glitter appeared through the doors of the gymnasium.

Summer got on the horse and rode on the rainbow road lined with students. The principal then decreed, “”Princess Summer was known from that day forth as Queen Summer, for she helped all other kingdoms to see light in us all.”

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