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Moms worry law could let school bus drivers carry guns

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTVR) –  A group of moms is fighting with Indiana state lawmakers over a bill that would allow gun owners to bring their firearm onto school campuses. The bill states the gun must stay in the school parking lot and locked in the gun owner’s car.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is fighting the bill.

“It seems to open up the possibility that bus drivers could also bring their guns to work if stored out of sight,” Moms Demand Action leader Nicki McNally told Fox59.com. “Surrounding our children with guns is not the answer.”

The Indiana lawmaker who sponsored the bill said it applied only to people who drove their children to school and not a school bus driver.

“I don’t believe there is any confusion,” Indiana State Representative Jim Lucas (R – House District 69) said. Lucas said  his bill is designed to restore the rights of gun owners to “exercise their right to self defense.”

“What this bill does is de-criminalize the lawful carry of a firearm.  Plain and simple,” Rep. Lucas said.

Indiana have until March 14 to pass or kill this bill.


    • Jerry

      So you’re saying criminals obey the laws and people with concealed carry permits don’t. Virginia allows firearms in parking lots and pick up lines now. You see how many people have been affected by that. Zero.

  • Lindsey

    What is the issue? The guns have to be locked in their car. How will your kideven knoe the teacher has a gun it’s not like she will be carrying it on her hip…

  • CathyGarrett (@CathyGarrett)

    Guns are already allowed on school property in cars in Indiana. The only caveat is that it’s only approved for the driver of said car and said driver can’t dismount the vehicle while it’s on school property. This is really a very small change.

    • TexTopCat

      MDA groups never let logic or common sense get in the way of their rants. After all, Bloomberg sets the agenda since he pays the bills.

  • CommonSenseMomVoter

    How does it make ANY SENSE to allow a gun onto school property? There are so many things that can go wrong. Teenagers with guns in their glove box….emotions run high,,, fights break out and suddenly someone has a GUN…and what COULD HAVE BEEN a normal good old fashioned fist fight turns into a murder. Accidental shootings as kids “show off” their guns at lunch time. Car break ins, stolen guns, school shootings.

    Do you really trust some random teenager in the parking lot of YOUR CHILD’s school with a gun? Do you really think that is smart? The frontal lobe of a kid’s brain (the part responsible for judgement and impulse control) doesn’t fully mature until age 25. Do you REALLY trust your child’s life to the judgement and aim of some random teenager who can legally bring a gun to school? Really? Even that kid with ADHD who is impulsive? You trust that one with a gun? Even that kid from a “bad home” with a “bad temper” who is in and out of trouble?. You trust that one with a gun too? Because if laws like this pass you WILL HAVE NO CHOICE but to trust those kids with guns around your kids.

    I am sick and tired of gun nuts taking the 2A to the extreme and expecting ME to BLINDLY TRUST random strangers, now teenagers, with guns in public. Who is supposed to be FREE here?!! I don’t feel free when I know that hot headed teenagers can legally carry loaded guns onto my kids school property. I don’t feel free at all.

    • milehisnk

      Can you not read, lady? It specifically says that only people who take their kids to school can have a firearm in their car. Not teenagers (you have to be 21 to purchase a handgun, 18 to purchase a rifle/shotgun). Your hysteria should really be treated by a licensed shrink, because it’s not healthy to be so afraid of people around you. You are around armed individuals every day. Well, guess what? Utah is the best example of gun laws in the country. They have had exactly ZERO mass murders at a school there in the last 30 years.

      They also have a law that states schools are LEGALLY REQUIRED to allow people who have a concealed carry permit, to carry a firearm on school grounds. It can be any gun, carried any way. But schools can be fined if they ask someone to leave.

      And they’ve had ZERO mass shootings. They’ve only had 3 shootings at schools in 30 years, and only 2 people have been shot. Both of them were the shooters themselves.

      YOUR POLICY FAILED. Time to try ours.

    • Lindsey

      You should probably have read the story before you commented. You are around people who carry guns more than you think… ever heard of concealed carry?

    • Jerry

      You are an absolute idiot that shouldn’t own or be able to be near a gun given your reading comprehension. I hope you don’t vote.

  • timothy wahl

    just shows how stupid this mommy cult really is….you guys really need to read the actual “law” that is in use as of today…..shannon watts is an attention whore who is on m.bloombergs payroll….all of which are idiots!

  • Steel Mill

    Another example of how common sense is nowhere to be found. Churches, Bars, state Parks, etc. A gun has no place in or near a school, period.
    Next thing it will be it was supposed to be locked but I forgot.. or someone with a mental health issue will go out and get a weapon out of a locked care and run amok.
    When will it end…

    • Jerry

      I agree, gun free zones are the way to go given recent events. Obviously these zones stop criminals in their tracks. We all know that criminals will not risk a felony charge in these zones. That’s why D.C., movie theaters, and schools aren’t ever targeted as a places to shoot people who can’t defend themselves. In fact, just look at all of the murders that occur at gun ranges wher guns are legal. It’s just scary.

  • Krista

    Perhaps these mommies could better change possible gun violence anywhere by better parenting their kids. Teach them to respect everyone, follow rules, impose limitations particularly curfews, and most importantantly, teach them self restraint and personal responsibility. Providing an example in front of our kids by ranting and raving without having ascertained all the facts can only be the green light for our kids to similarly go off half cocked…. We should constantly ask ourselves, What examples have you demonstrated to you children today?

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