When we’ll see more rain this week

More snowfall could mean more school calendar adjustments

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Some school district leaders said they may have to make adjustments to their calendars again with this latest round of winter weather.

So far students have missed two weeks of instructional time in class.

Richmond School Board Member Kim Gray said the board will meet Thursday to discuss options for making up the lost time. Saturday school is one option being tossed around.

Chesterfield school leaders tell CBS 6 they don't have any announcements to make about changes to the calendar at this time and Henrico said the same.

Spokesperson Andy Jenks said they're waiting to see how many more days of school students miss this week before taking any action.

In Petersburg, school leaders said they're taking another look at the calendar to account for the additional days students have missed.

As for Hanover County Public Schools, ten snow days were already built into the 2013-2014 school year calendar.

Tuesday will mark the tenth missed day of class.

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  • troy

    if vdot was doing there job school would not be closed for weeks at a time for 3 inches of snow.Never was in the 80’s-90’s.Just shows how we pay more for less services.In the 80’s a foot of snow meant maybe 2-3 days out of school,now it would be 2 weeks out.

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