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Why the Goochland Drive-In Theater is asking for $23,000?

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Goochland Drive-in Theater (PHOTO:

GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – When the owner of the Goochland Drive-In Theater needed to raise $23,000 to improve the five-year-old theater’s concession stand and kitchen he did not go to the bank, he asked the community to help.

John Heidel has launched a “crowd-funding” campaign through

“As hard-working entrepreneurs, we do not normally subscribe to asking other hard-working people for donations. Because we are committed to keeping our pricing structure low, we need to supplement our personal investment in this expansion with Kickstarter. Though our bank is willing to provide a loan, we’d prefer not to take on any debt for this project,” Heidel said on the “Drive-In Theater Dream is Alive” kickstarter page.

Heidel said as his business has grown, so have the lines at his snack bar.

“This has resulted in unacceptable lines on nights with heavier attendance and we’re looking to solve this problem,” Heidel said.

He said his theater’s relatively low ticket and food prices makes the Goochland Drive-In Theater a popular spot for families.

“Our prices are intentionally kept low so that families can enjoy great entertainment and food without spending a fortune,” he said.

As of Feb. 28, the kickstarter campaign has raised $2,100. The campaign is set to end March 15.


  • kevin

    what’s the big deal about buying their food? Why bring your own? What’s the problem with people making a profit while running their business and providing value for you?p*** ants like you are the reason the country’s going off cliff.

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