Mom: Lunenburg teacher at ‘end of her rope’ struck student

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LUNENBURG COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- A Kenbridge mother is upset after her 13-year-old son was allegedly struck by his teacher last week.

Nancy Green said she is troubled by the way Lunenburg County officials handled the alleged incident because her son's teacher is still on the job and no charges have been filed.

CBS 6 News took her concerns to Lunenburg leaders and the sheriff’s office. None of the officials denied the teacher hit the 13-year-old boy,  but said they handled the matter appropriately and that after a thorough investigation no charges were warranted.

Green said she was stunned after she said her son's teacher phoned her last weekend to explain how the alleged incident unfolded.

“She said he didn't raise his hand. She said she was at the end of her rope and hit him," Green explained.

Green's son told CBS 6 reporter Shelby Brown that his teacher took him out of class to a teacher’s lounge to make the call, instead of the front office.

“We were in the teacher’s lounge when she was calling mamma," the boy said. "After she got off the phone with her, she said she was sorry. That she shouldn’t have done that.”

Green admitted that her son has gotten into trouble before, but says she doesn’t think he deserves what he went through.

“He’s not an angel. He’s been in trouble before. He’s a 13-year-old boy. He’s been to ISS for talking and being disruptive, but he’s working on it. He got a lot better. I don’t care what he does, you don’t hit him,” Green said.

After a meeting with the teacher and the principal, Green said she tried to press charges at the sheriff’s office and through a magistrate.

“The magistrate said I needed her name, address, social security number and her birth date. He wanted to know why I would pursue this. He had talked to the sheriff’s office and they said it was nothing to it,” Green said.

CBS 6 News Legal Analyst Todd Stone said the job of a magistrate is to look at the evidence and decide if this is a touching done in an angry, rude or vengeful manner.

The superintendent of Lunenburg County Public Schools said the district conducted a thorough investigation and took the matter seriously. But she couldn't say whether disciplinary action was taken against the teacher, because it's a personnel matter.

The school system did remove the child from that teacher’s class, but Green said that is not enough and that the teacher should face charges.

CBS 6 News contacted the teacher by phone Thursday, but she declined to comment on camera.

Lunenburg County  Sheriff Arthur Townsend issued the following statement about the incident:

“The matter was referred by the school to my office. It was investigated. The mother of the juvenile attempted to obtain a warrant for assault and battery. A warrant was not issued by the magistrate, which is within his authority to do so. There are no other steps for my office to take in the matter.”


    • Joshua Spence

      Perhaps if your’ English teacher had smacked you, we would be able to read your’ comment without laughing.

    • Grammar Nazi


      I hope not presumptuous, but for those who have grammar skills above the level of texting I think this is what our friend is trying to say…

      Considering “parents” don’t have the “right” “to” hit “their” children no teacher “should” have the “right” to “a” child”. Please don’t “overlook” this one.

      Perant should be parent. rite (although spelled correctly) is the incorrect noun in this context. It ought to be “right”. When posting on a public site it is proper to spell out the preposition “to” rather than represent it with the numeral “2”

      In our friend’s defense… the title of the video is “Mom days teacher…” This should probably be “Mom says teacher”…

      • middlton

        ok so because she mispells a word or two you mean you wont comment on her child being assaulted you would rather spell check her comment.which means to me you think its ok to hit a kid in school whos mom dosnt spell so good.typical!the law only works for folks who are not black and able to spell.why is 8 out of every white person a racist in one way or another.

      • athynz

        @middlton the child should not have been struck however I can understand in a small way how this teacher feels. I’ve worked for a contractor that did work in the schools and quite frankly at that age some of these kids are the most obnoxious, disrespectful, know it all punks to walk the planet. These brats will push buttons you didn’t even know you had…

        As for the grammar corrections – I could barely translate that post Grammar Nazi corrected. Nor does correcting the grammar of the post mean that Grammar Nazi is for the teacher hitting the child – that is sloppy thinking at best and sheer idiocy at worst.

  • Frederick Daniel "Drake" Maslen

    Give her a fine, put her on suspension, do NOT take that woman’s job. One of the few teachers I’ve ever had who has taught me something. As a relative to the victim, I suggest anyone that reads this go spend a day with the victim and I promise you you’ll be in favor of the teacher. There’s probably a lot more to the backstory than what the media displays here.

  • Wayne

    My parents spanked me. My teachers had the ability to spank me and so did my principal. How about the child be taught respect at home and when he can sit through a class, conduct himself appropriately, and apply his mental ability to the skill of education and learning then he will be given respect. My family members have been in education for decades and it’s become a means of babysitting and supervision instead of the intended charge from the state educational system.

    • Ken

      They need to bring back the paddle. If that doesn’t work then when they go to jail later in life, put them on a road crew cutting brush, cleaning ditches. We are turning lose wild animals with this non punishment thing. I know of teachers who have quit because of these kids. They can’t take it anymore.

  • Evelyn Cates


    • Pam

      Where in the world did you ever hear that you cannot spank your own child? You most certainly can spank your child. The trouble and attitude start when a parent doesn’t discipline their child. You should not beat them in anger….but a spanking or the threat of one does keep your child in line. Many kids laugh at curfews, grounding, go to your room, and taking away a toy……but none laugh off a good spanking… matter what they claim.

  • trevon

    she shouldve went to the punks home and hit mom instead.These disrespectful thugs are destroying schools and even making teachers quit daily.Raise your kids or someone else will do it for you,maybe their it,good

    • JG

      I’m sorry, but where does it say this child committed a crime? You labeled him a thug named yourself travon (which I’m sure is not your name) when all that was reported is the child did not raise his hand before speaking. Apparently the child is disruptive and may be at the very least an annoying kid based off of what his relative (Frederick) said. If this child was a thug he would’ve knocked that teacher out when she placed her hands on him.

      The child have deserved being hit but the bottom line, it’s against the rules, it’s against the law, and she deserves to be reprimanded. But your clearly agenda based comment Mr. So called (Trayvon) is that of mindset that is ignorant and presumptive.

  • Jackie

    How come a teacher can strike a child and nothing happen, but as a parent we are not allowed to spank our children because it is child abuse?

  • Mason

    You people do not know this kid. He is my second cousin and I babysat him for just under three years. He does things just to get under your skin, and he does it on purpose. He try’s you and try’s you until you break. He has on more then one occasion told his mother to shut up ect and her laugh at the statements. He’s never been disciplined and THAT is this child’s problem. His uncle once corrected him over being disrespectful to his mother and his mother called the law and had her own family arrested for standing up To her child! If y’all want a story get the WHOLE story! Many people have to try hard every day just to stay in the same room with him for more then a hour.
    He has potential to be a wonderful kid, but this story goes a lot deeper then what you are showing here!

    • anonymous

      I’ve known this boy and his family for years. Mason, you’re absolutely on target. I don’t believe in corporal punishment, except maybe for parents who fight, curse and totally disrespect one another in front of their children. I feel this is flat out child abuse. End result? This boy has absolutely no respect for anyone. I practically begged his mother, (once one of my best friends), to get him some professional help because he could not stay out of trouble. He will tell you a lie when it’s in his favor to tell the truth, but is never held accountable for his actions. This family is estranged from family and friends for this very reason. Although I don’t approve of a teacher striking a student, in this case I can certainly understand it. Apparently, the authorities agree. It’s so sad to see the writing on the wall for this young man. It didn’t have to be this way…for him or his family.

  • Bruce Collier

    Where is this notion coming from that a parent can not spank their child?People have bought in to this idea,but in Virginia it’s not true.You can not ball up your fist and beat them bloody,but you CAN spank your child.My parents did spank me on occasion,and I turned out just fine.If more parents would,at an early age teach their children some respect and dicipline,this world would be a better place!

  • Carol Fox Fisher

    Sorry…I’ve never met him, but I’d like to smack him myself!!! And shame on his MOTHER for not teaching him to RESPECT the teacher. Teachers have a lot of pressure on them, they have a lot to teach in a short amount of time….they don’t have time to deal with a smart-mouthed, disrespectful BRAT!!!!! That is why teachers are leaving the profession….NO ONE is backing them!!!

    • Citizen

      Thanks Carol Fox Fisher for your comment. I really have a problem with this situation because it seems this teacher has to waste instruction time dealing with this rude student that has not been taught manners at home! Firing this teacher is not the answer to the problem!

  • Joshua Spence

    If her son is growing up in Lunenburg County, he will already have a good chance to end up on drugs, or in prison. She should be thanking his teacher for disciplining him. If she disciplined him at home, the teacher wouldn’t have to.

  • Billy

    Looks like this mother should rethink on how she raises her kids because if I would have have done this to my teacher my parents would have have spanked me also for disrespecting an adult

    • Ava

      We used to get spanked at school and then again at home. This lack of discipline has ruined the last and current generations as a whole. THAT’s one of the main problems in this country.

  • wayne

    While the child, teenager is a problem, the way to professionally take care of a problem like that is not to reenforce bad behavior with further immature bad behavior!!!! Hey YOUR SUPPOSE to be the adult-teacher here!!!! The problem is one out of the parenting that’s received at home!!! No father mentioned here??? Although apparently not one around in his life, so sad!!!! The kid has no real love in his life, seems like a lot of guilt from the mother. After reading what the others that claim to know the people and are related…..PLEASE PLEASE GET THIS KID SOME REAL HELP NOT MORE ABUSE!!!! And to the teachers that cant handle their jobs correctly…..QUIT!!!!!! You are doing more harm than any good you think your doing. To the teacher that hit the kid …you should be fired!!! GET HELP YOURSELF

    • Ava

      In addition to poor parenting it sounds like the child has ADHD or some such disorder. Believe me, first hand experience, they will UNHINGE YOU! The child needs help in more ways than one. From my experience, I cannot fully blame the teacher.

  • Anonymous

    I empathize with that teacher. Those middle-schoolers can be very disrespectful and exhibit mean attitudes…and I refer to entire classes for six periods straight…every day. There is no real consequence for bad behavior. When the ISS (In-School Suspension) room is full, you cannot send a disruptive student there. They receive OSS (Out-of-School Suspension) after three or four ISSs. They may even receive Silent Lunch (they eat at tables separate from the rest of their class and are not allowed to talk). ISS, OSS, and Silent Lunch are not deterrents. These students need to be put on cleaning detail: sweep floors, clean white boards, clean the bathrooms, mop floors, etc., be given community service detail, and be given assignments to write 100 times “I will behave properly in school,” or “I will respect the teacher/substitute,” etc. So what if they miss an extracurricular activity or a TV show? Stop coddling them. Teach them real responsibility. They have been conditioned to know that their bad behavior will receive no consequence that will make them not repeat the bad behavior.

  • Citizen

    As an educator, I do not condone such behavior; however, I understand. The depths to which schools have sunken is unbelievable. Students, their parents, and much of the community at large are woefully ill-informed about the state of schools. We are lost, and it is nearly hopeless!!

  • Scott Somers

    I am proud of the school system for providing such a big classroom to let all these folks in. I mean, they know EXACTLY what happened, so they must have been there.

    Oh, wait, if they were, maybe they would have seen that the action in question was a LIGHT TAP that someone would use to simply get another’s attention. In that case, I suppose millions are “struck” every day when someone pokes them on the shoulder to turn around.

    Let’s LOCK THEM ALL UP!!!

  • Darion

    I happen to know this child (seeing as I attend the school and in the same grade). He is disruptive BUT certainly NOT a thug. I would actually claim myself ‘a friend’ to him.

  • reeltime

    midditon, please verify your statement that 8 out of whites are racist (not sure what that statistic means, there is no end). And back that up with facts, not blatant statements. I think your statement in itself speaks volumes.

  • Debra Ready to Quit

    I don’t approve of teachers hitting students, but I know there must be a lot to the story that we don’t know. Today my husband was cursed and threatened with physical violence by a student because he asked him to sit down and get to work. I have had multiple students refuse to work this week because they “didn’t feel like doing it.” One of their parents said they shouldn’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. Too many kids are coming to school with the attitude that they should be allowed to run things.

  • Sher

    the boy probably deserved it. He has been bad in that past the Mother says. This is what is wrong with kids today. No discipline. These children are catered too…

  • Avanti Pearson

    I think everyone forgot what the main topic is about. There was a child hit. Hitting a child is abuse. Teacher should be punish not matter what. The teacher fail to do her job. From day 1.. is there was a problem you should notify the parents… day 2… if the problem is not handle talk with the principal. If problem occurs again. Suspend them from school. And if not handle when the child comes back there are other options. But it is not just one child its others. I had problems with my niece teacher before for cursing in the classroom in front of 4th grade students. Best believe I got that situation correct. But the theory to this. If there is a problem in the classroom talk with the child parents. Because it can be a lot problems that fall behind it. I went KES once and never had to go back. And parents sit in your child class for a day or just monitor them.

    • Ava

      Avanti-I think YOU should go sit in a class of 13-year-olds for a day. One with an ADHD child or two. You would then be fully aware of the situation.

      • anonymous

        I am raising a child with ADHD, and she is getting the proper treatment, counseling and I maintain daily communication with her teachers via email. I know this young man, and he has needed help for a very long time, as well as his parents. It’s like seeing the three of them standing on a train track with a train barreling toward them, I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs at them to get off the track…and they just continue to stand there. I’m so afraid that young man will fall prey to alcoholism and/or drugs, crime, or worse. I care so much for this family, as have many of their loved ones…but you cannot help folks who refuse to help themselves…except to pray for them.

  • John Moberg

    Send this kid to the Boys Residential Unit at Poplar Springs Psych. Hospital in Petersburg, VA. If after 3-6 months he’s still not getting the picture, send him to detention. Doesn’t sound like he has any supervision or structure at home, so send him away so that he may become a better person in society and so that the students at his school can learn.

    • anonymous

      Excellent idea! This kid has already been told by the judge, if he gets in trouble one more time, he will go to detention.
      This kid has had more than a few ISS problems…more like a few phone calls home from school every week. You think this might have had something to do with the outcome in this situation? I’d like for someone to acknowledge that they actually saw the teacher smack him. If it’s just his word that it happened, and his mother’s word that the teacher apologized…well, I’d like to hear from somebody who was in the class when it (supposedly) happened.

  • Ava

    @Middleton. What on God’s earth does this have ANYTHING to do with race. I don’t know what “8 out of” means, but I know FAR more blacks who are racist than whites. It’s irrelevant anyway. Besides all of that, the people involved here are white. ???? It’s not like they are punishing a teacher for hitting a white student. Just the opposite. I’m confused.

  • Looneyburg

    This will be the same mother who will be back on television in 5 years time proclaiming her son to be “a good boy who wouldn’t hurt a fly” when he starts committing crimes and hurting people. I understand loving and supporting your kids but loving and supporting your kids also means effective discipline when it us needed…and if that means a foot up his behind every once in a while..then so be it.

  • Avanti

    I know how it is with a child being ADHD. Teachers know what they sign up for. Being a teacher is a stressful job. But they also know what they sign up for. If one can’t handle the job then why try to continue teaching. Every job is not easy. Teaching kids is definitely not a easy job. I have set in the classroom, I have work in fields with people who has Adhd and I have work with worse. I love my field of work. When you give your oath as a teacher, nurse, officers etc… you pledging to handle the situation the best way you can without putting there hands on them. Nobody has the right to hit any child whatsover

  • anonymous

    I’d really love to see some verification that this teacher actually “slapped” this kid. Last summer, this kid was kicking hot ashes from a ground fire all over his younger cousins. An adult family member repeatedly told him to stop doing it, as the kid’s mother sat on a porch nearby. When she finally said something to the kid, he told her, in effect, to shut up. (This was nothing new.) The family member grabbed him BY HIS SHIRTCOLLAR and told him to apologize to his mother. She did not see this, but the other kids and some other adults saw exactly what happened. The next thing you know, the mother has her adult family member in court, charging him with assault and battery. Even though he had witnesses there on his behalf, the judge said he’d have to charge him with something…even if he had only TOUCHED the kid.
    This teacher may not have hit the kid at all, but he knows how to play the system. What better way to try to get revenge or, better yet, a bunch of money than to go after the teacher or the school? Think about it.

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