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Pro-stadium Shockoe bars host ‘Loving RVA Bar Crawl’

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) –Shockoe Bottom organizers hope to rally the younger demographic in support of Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones’ baseball stadium development.

You’re in luck if you need someting to do Saturday and you are in support of the baseball development in historic Shockoe Bottom — which also includes bringing a grocery store, hotel, and apartments to the neighborhood — AND you welcome a chance to meet the mayor while you get your drink on.

The mayor and several City Council members are expected to attend. According to Facebook, over 300 people are expected to participate, however the event is expected to turn out more than 2,800 people in the nine hour period.

Things kick off on the Canal Walk at 4 p.m. on Feburary 22nd.

4 p.m. – Sullivan’s on the Canal, Casa Del Barco

5 p.m. – Tobacco Company, Sine Irish Pub

6 p.m. – Southern Railway Taphouse, Europa

7 p.m. – Cha Cha’s Cantina, Society Social Club

8 p.m. – Rosie Connolley’s, Havana 59

9 p.m. – Halligan’s, River City Diner

10 p.m. – Tiki Bob’s, On the Rox

11 p.m. – Station 2 , 2113 Bistro

Midnight: 23rd and Main, Poe’s Pub

Organizers encourage attendees to drink responsibly and call a cab or designate a sober driver.

Read more about Loving RVA here. For complete CBS 6 coverage of the Shockoe Bottom proposal, read here: http://wtvr.com/tag/shockoe-stadium/


  • PCEthics

    Ah, the Tax Exempt/Non LOBBYISTS are out, again,
    Propagandizing to extort Taxes for their own Self-Interests.
    Drink Up. It’s So Positively Richmond!
    It’s good to BUY, own, operated, manage and run the Peoples’
    Government, against The People, and strictly for the Rich, Corporates, Developers, Real Estate Businesses, Lawyers and Positively Richmond’s Who’s Who Elite, Democratic, SELVES.
    It is 100% pure PC and “Democratic Government Ethics”.

  • PCEthics

    A toast: PCMEEEEEE first, last and always!!!
    Yeah, WE bought Jones & Council.
    Elected to Serve The People. They SERVE OUR MONEY and
    will allow US to engorge and enrich ourselves some more.
    Tax Payers PAY, without any say. WE set it Up that Way!

  • Glen Allen

    Come on down and get drunk with the Mayor and City Council. What a bunch of bumbling buffoons! This is inappropriate, and unprofessional.

    • paul hammond

      ThiL Allen
      What’s your problem? City Council and the Mayor were not there. This was not organized by LoveRVA. It was a private initiative. What’s wrong with a group of people showing their support for a ballpark by supporting local businesses?

      You are awful damn self righteous.

  • Three Strikes

    Let me get this straight- The son of the CEO of Timmons Group- the engineering firm helping promote baseball in the bottom, set to take millions of tax payer dollars in design fees, hand-picked by the Mayor to be the firm behind anything that happens on Boulevard and the Bottom, the firm behind the shame traffic study for baseball in the bottom- has established a fake non-profit foundation, to promote baseball in the bottom, is accepting donations for his fake non-profit so he can buy a million dollar house for himself and his ‘tourism’ business?!?!

  • PCTransparency

    Gee, certainly expected Media to be all over this as their Advertising
    Agency Partners.
    All the greedy Lobbyist-Propagandistics licking their chops, drooling,
    and boozing it up with Their Bought Public Officials.
    Democratic “Pol-“I”-LICKING” on Public Display.
    The Transparent…Three Ring Circus…Proudly Presents….
    Democratic GIFTGATE and “Correct Party Government Ethics”
    in all their Political Art Antics SHOWS & PRODUCTIONS.
    NO Investigations.
    Corruption, Collusion, Extortion, and Debauchery
    are EXCUSED, if Democratic Rich, Corporate, Donors are Profiteering.
    HOW? WHY?

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