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Mom schools 12-year-old for sneaking onto Facebook, fighting at school

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. (WDJT) – Critics say a Milwaukee mother went too far when she publicly shamed her daughter over Facebook in an online video.

However, Lorraine Walls said she would do it all over again in an effort to teacher her daughter a valuable life lesson.

"Tell them that you can't be on Facebook,” Walls yells in the video. "Now don't get slapped because you're already in hot water.”

The extreme action was prompted  after Walls' 12-year-old daughter, Lutisha, created  a bogus Facebook page for a second time. Walls said that Facebook page quickly spiraled out of control.

"She had already snuck back on Facebook, talking to some young guy, and plotting a fight with her friend," Walls said.

That fight wound up getting Lutisha suspended. When Walls found out that it all started online, she decided to post the rant on her page. She also ordered her daughter to apologize to the other student.

Once the video was posted, it took on a life of its own receiving over 500,000 views. Thousands praised Walls for her disciplinary tactics, but others were taken aback by some parts of the video.

"The next time that she's on Facebook and I catch her on Facebook. I'm beating the hell out of her,” Walls said in the video.

However, Walls fired back at critics saying that she doesn't hit or beat her daughter.

"If you can get a child and expose that child to help that child, not to hurt them. I'm not out to hurt Lutisha. I want her to live; I want her to be somebody," Walls said.

Regardless of the criticism, Walls said she is keeping a watchful eye on her preteen -- calling it tough love for a cruel world.

"We have to save our youth. We got too many laying out there dead because of gunshot wounds,” Walls said. “We got too many that’s coming up pregnant.”


  • Brenda Mickle

    If more parents would beat the hell out of their kids we wouldn’t have all this violence. This sitting in the corner time out business is totally stupid and those that do this are just contributing to their kids getting away with murder later on. If you can’t control them as a kid do you honestly think you can control them when they are teenagers? Really people, a spanking does not cause children to become violent, it teaches them discipline. I’m not talking about beating them to death but teaching them manners, respect etc and you ain’t a gonna get it sitting in no corner.

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