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Starbucks, Champps closing at Stony Point Fashion Park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Starbucks, left, and Champps Americana recently posted closing notices. (PHOTO: Burl Rolett)

RICHMOND, Va. ( – By next week, two Stony Point Fashion Park restaurants will have gone dark within a matter of days.

Starbucks Coffee at Stony Point will close its doors Monday, Feb. 24, less than a week after next-door neighbor Champps Americana restaurant closed at the Southside mall.

Signs announcing the closings were posted at both stores Wednesday. Champps, which shut down Tuesday, blamed its closing on a decision at its corporate level. Starbucks offered no reason for shutting down. Neither Starbucks representatives nor Stony Point general manager Steven Bonniville returned calls seeking comment by press time.

The storefronts sit side by side and face another long-vacant restaurant space. Their closings will leave only a Chipotle open in a four-diner corridor at the mall’s easternmost entrance.

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  • Gerry

    Is this any wonder? Remember when the mall opened? It was plagued by problems. For one, it didn’t have a decent food court, second, it only had high-end businesses, hardly any bargains. This is going the way of Cloverleaf mall quicker than the Titanic.

    • athynz

      Agreed. It was a very poor attempt to outdo Short Pump and it failed. IIRC there were several issues with the mall when it was being built as far as funding… I can’t quite recall if they raised a stink about Short Pump getting funds from Henrico while they were unable to get funds from the city or they whined about the funds to Short Pump not being fair while they got funds from the city. I’m going to have to research this.

  • jrcat7

    …and the location isn’t very convenient. The malls opened within two weeks of each other. The builder of Stoney Point tried to stop the permitting and building of Short Pump.

    Food court at Short Pump is pretty bad too. Remember those awful blackbirds when the mall first opened.

  • jackburton77

    Short Dump can’t be compared to Stony Point because Short is surrounded by tons of neighborhoods. Stony Point is kind of on an island. It needs to be an experience to pull people there.

  • Kathryn Leighton

    I remember when the two, Short Pump and Stony Point opened. I was in college and working in restaurants. Both malls KILLED business for the place I worked at, but were booming at first. Stony Point wasn’t dead from the start. I preferred it to Short Pump and it was packed. Plus a mall not having a food court isn’t a death sentence, it’s becoming more and more typical.

    They tried something that didn’t last. They tried a high end mall with high end food/clothes. A lot of people enjoyed a mall that wasn’t filled with novelty clothing shops and teenagers. It just ended up being the wrong location. No one can say that they knew better. It was a risk that didn’t last. That’s how business works.

    • jackburton77

      Yeah I’m not sure I agree with that.

      ALOT of people have been saying, since the announcement of the mall, that the location was terrible. Then when the shops were announced the inital reaction was, “Oh trying to lure the eastern most west end folks in Westham, etc. with a mall to compete with SP.” It didn’t work because they didn’t pay attention to their southside demographic. They put all of their eggs in one basket and its failing hard.

      • Kathryn Leighton

        I mean you will have people complaining about ANY kind of development. It’s just that kind city. I would say the more educated/informed were the ones who took the risk. Richmond is not the kind of area where you depend on your market around the corner. People drive from Chester to go to Short Pump. So that has nothing to do with it.
        The risk was creating a high end mall for a certain quality of clientele. There are many more areas targeted that just didn’t work out. As a financial adviser I think it was a sound investment that just didn’t work.

        I mean, you have groups of people at every City Council meeting complaining about ANYTHING that has to do with a higher end business. They might have ended up right, but I wouldn’t take their opinion about investments. A lot of experienced people invested in this, just didn’t work out.

      • jackburton77

        Ok let’s be honest here..who from Chester is really going to travel all the way to Short Pump on a regular basis? You have to appeal to your immediate geographic area first and Stony Point doesn’t do that with Macy’s, Flemings and an over priced movie theater.

        I’m just not sold that a “solid business plan” consists of alienating your immediate local patrons.

  • Joe

    I don’t like the design of Stony Point. More of a mixed use with apartments, condos, shops, and houses would have been better. In addition, it was purposely isolated from the adjoining neighborhood which I think was a mistake.

  • MLee Baker

    I went there very rarely, I live in Midlothian. Did go to Champps to sip a brew and watch some football on occasion. In the end, it was location first, no real easy access to get there without going through a bunch of traffic and redlights, only from chippenham and powhite from the south, and from the west, forget it, absolutely no easy way. Short pump is different because of the major road access (64, 295, and 288). So the clients they were trying to attract just didn’t want to fight all that (West end, Midlothian, and Richmond). Second though minor was the dog issue. Don’t go somewhere just to walk your dog around, go to the park. Last thing I wanted to see was a bunch of dogs sniffing, well, you know where. Third, I never really liked and it may be a trend that’s disappearing, maybe some people like it, is the outdoor concept. It’s not a theme park, I personally don’t want to walk around in stifling hear or freezing cold.

  • kristen

    I love stony point and am extremely sad that these restaurants are leaving. I love the concept of The mall and its a refreshing alternative to the overcrowded short pump. Hopeful lot new tenants will move in soon! I love stony point!!!

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