Aunt charged in Orange County 5-year-old’s abduction

Posted on: 11:52 am, February 19, 2014, by and , updated on: 12:53am, February 20, 2014

ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A 5-year-old girl’s aunt has been charged after an AMBER Alert was issued Wednesday after the child disappeared.

The alert was cancelled less than one hour after Virginia State Police sent a Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA) to cell phones around Virginia.

Olivia N. Dallas, 22, of Orange, Va., was charged with one felony count of abduction and one count of unauthorized use of a vehicle. She is being held at the Accomack County Jail.

Did you know you received Amber Alerts on your phone?

Did you know you received Amber Alerts on your phone?

State police said that within minutes of issuing the AMBER Alert, their Chesapeake communications center received more than a dozen phone calls from the public about a woman and young girl fitting the description on the Eastern Shore.

A state trooper spotted the Mercedes stopped on the southbound shoulder of Route 13 near Painter, Va. in Accomack County.

“Olivia was in the driver’s seat and Amiyah was seated inside the vehicle,” state police wrote.

A state trooper spotted Dallas’ vehicle while on patrol in Accomack County.

The alert was issued one day after Dallas was last seen in Orange County, some 225 miles from Accomack County.


Based on their investigation, police believed Amiyah “could be in imminent danger.”

Amiyah  was last seen with her aunt Olivia, police said. She had “a history of depression and drug use,” according to


  • Amanda says:

    The alert on my phone said the car had VA tags.

  • Caroline says:

    Just talked to the Sheriff’s Dept and this alert has been cancelled. They have located the child.

  • Peter says:

    Glad to hear the child is safe and hope that her aunt Olivia gets the help she needs as well.

  • TJ says:

    Thank God for a happy ending.

  • Dave Snow says:

    First amber alert on my iPhone. Didn’t know what it was initially. Glad to know the technology works.

  • Dave Snow says:

    There should be a second, less alarming message sent when the alert is cancelled, so we can all stop worrying or looking for the victim.

  • Tynisha says:

    Well this girl claiming to be her cousin said they haven’t found her yet

  • Heather says:

    I agree with Dave Snow, there really should be another message sent to notify people when these are no longer in effect. A simple “Amber Alert issued for ___________ has been canceled.” would be enough. Glad they were able to find her so quickly!

  • While driving downtown Richmond today, I heard an alarming noise I had never heard before. When I picked up my cell phone and read the message, I was at first a little confused. Wow, what a wonderful capability, and comforting to know our children are safer.

  • I want to thank the parents of “Amber” for possibly saving this child’s life!

  • carol says:

    Thank God the child is save and hope that her aunt gets the help she needs to THANK GOD FOR A HAPPY ENDING AMEN

  • Michelle says:

    Really wish they would fix the amber alert system.why am I still recieving texts every five minutes ugh

  • Ajhana says:

    I have received seven texts every since the Amber Alert was cancelled. The last one I received was at 10:50 pm. When will they stop? I am really glad they found her but the messages keep coming…

  • monee says:

    Amber alert came thru on my charged unactivated phone ….good job!

  • monee says:

    Ajhana u gotta in the notification screen n delete it…in mine I can slide it away IIT showed up as a red emergency symbol u no they are usually yellow

  • I too received 7 text messages, this was annoying so I turned off Amber alerts.
    If you are going to send Amber alerts send 2
    1 for the amber alert
    2nd for when the child is found
    I’ll wait a few days before I re-enable amber alerts

    • TheSaleBoat says:

      You might have amber alerts turned on in your phone in more than one place, such as from separate apps? I only received one on my phone.

  • Gerry says:

    I think the amber alert included the license plate tags. Good idea, although, it would be hard to remember them while driving unless you have a navigator. (Don’t want to be guilty of texting, even if it is an amber alert). Perhaps in the future, there will be smart plates that will have embedded LED’s and they will start flashing if there’s a crime that involves that vehicle.

  • T Smithers says:

    Why don’t the Amber Alert messages sent to phones contain basic information such as: child’s name, race, height, weight, eye and hair color and the possible abductors description. A VA License plate number is all well and good, but completely useless if I can’t get to a radio to hear the description of the abductee/abductor.

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