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VCU men’s soccer players face felony charges for filming nude teen

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - Three men who play soccer at Virginia Commonwealth University now face felony charges.

Bobby Joe Hopper, Finnlay Wyatt, and Donovan Arias, all freshmen, are each charged with a felony for the filming of a nude minor without consent.

The incident occurred at a VCU dorm for soccer students. Arias' attorney John Luxton said that these charges - of a nude teen filmed - were for a situation that seemed to be for a "prank."

Luxton said that if someone was filmed, the players didn't know the victim was underage. The incident occurred November 2, 2013 and a grand jury indicted the three men on Feb. 3.

Wyatt is from Midlothian, Hopper from Atlanta, and Arias from Washington D.C.

Wyatt was chosen the All-Metro boys soccer player of the year in 2013, according to published reports. The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that he is a native of Sheffield, England.

“He was a big presence at Midlothian. An incredible athlete and really well respected around school, so it’s just a shock to see this happen,” Graham Ellis, a former Midlothian High School classmate said about Wyatt.

Jackson Martin played high school soccer against Wyatt while a student at Cosby High School in Midlothian.

“He’s a great athlete, and great competitor, and I have respect for the guy,” Martin said.

“I hope to God these allegations are false, and he can put this behind him,” Ellis said.

The three players have been suspended, VCU confirmed. Their names are still on the VCU website for the 2013-2014 season roster.

VCU is pursuing internal investigations from both a student code of conduct standpoint and through federal Title IX avenues, the university said in a statement.

"Because of the ongoing internal investigation and court proceedings, we cannot comment further on this matter until it is adjudicated except to say that VCU remains committed to an environment free of intimidation, harassment and discrimination," wrote VCU in a statement.

The defendants will be back in court March 03, 2014.


  • ByGeorge

    Internal investigations and adjudication on a felony?
    But in the eyes of the law, campus police are not considered law enforcement officers. Is VCU a court system?

    • dammje

      Someone must have given you some wrong information. VCU police officers are sworn officers as well as Virginia Union and University of Richmond police. If you do not believe me then commit a crime if front of them and I promise you they will arrest you and the state will still prosecute you

  • Lacey

    What the hell does it matter that “Wyatt was chosen the All-Metro boys soccer player of the year in 2013, according to published reports. The RTD reported that he is a native of Sheffield, England.” Either way, he committed a crime, and that tidbit has NOTHING to do with the story. Don’t make this into another “I’m so sad these poor athletes are going to have their lives ruined” story. Going to make sure and watch how this is covered more closely…

  • Joe

    What, no contributing to the deliquency of a minor then as well? I’d wager alcohol/drugs were involved, because generally speaking young women don’t tend to take their clothes off in front of a bunch of dudes.

    • Shelton

      the article didn’t say the victim was female, but unless there’s evidence of alcohol/drugs being involved (basically, unless the minor was shown consuming alcohol or MAYBE if alcohol was shown in the video period) then they wouldn’t get charged with that

      • Joe

        Another news site listed a comment from A’s attorney, female vicitm, citing “prank”.

        That said, kudos for cleaning up the story somewhat from the detailed background that really serves no purpose.

  • WorkingMan

    Because they’re college soccer players it’s a major, major headline. Otherwise……

    Why, you mean to tell me that college soccer players are capable of being naughty, like teens in ttrailer park? Oh my – I wouldn’t have guessed. I am shocked beyond belief.

    • WorkingManistwisted

      You don’t think it’s wrong that there were 3 men that filmed somebody underage? You, sir, have a twisted mind. I pray that are not doing this yourself, because clearly you think it’s justified.

      • Jay

        I mean. I know one of these players. I wouldn’t really call them “men”.
        They are a bunch of boys. Probably 19, and the girl was 17. In our world, that’s not a major difference.

      • WorkingManistwisted

        Jay, that doesn’t matter. If you’re over 18, and she’s under, that’s still illegal. And yes, they are 18, they are considered men.
        Hell, I’m only 21 years old, but people are responsible for their actions.

      • scars

        Forget her age, they filmed her without consent. Prank or not, they have no right to do that. And I can guarantee that if it were my daughter, I would not find anything funny at all about a bunch of guys filming her without her consent. I find it creepy and, if it is for a prank, also harassment since I’m sure they planned on sharing it. They are smart enough (or should be as college students, even dumb jock college students) to know better. You don’t film anyone naked without their permission.

  • Harold

    First…no where does it say the minor that was filmed was 17, Jay you just made that up,Second, once you reach 18 you are considered an adult and have to abide by the law, even if you don’t look, feel or act like one. Finally, what bothers me the most in the news video and a lot of what I am reading here in the comments is there is no mention or concern for the victim of this “PranK” As a parent, if this were my child, and the charges prove to be true, those young men would expected to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and they would be lucky that as an adult I am responsible enough to refrain from ripping their heads off.

  • Read

    Campus police officers ARE as fully certified and trained as any other police officer as required by State law 23-232 through 23-234; as such they enforce Federal, State, and local jurisdiction law as any other law enforcement officer would .

  • Real American

    This is another story where they will get slapped on the wrist for their innocent “prank”. Look at their mugshot photo. Do they look like they are worried about facing felony charges? Mommy & Daddy will get them off and this will be old news.

    • jackburton77

      Haha are you kidding with this post? Those pictures are from the VCU soccer website and they just got indicted on felonies. You dont get “slapped on the wrist” with any felony indictment.

      Clown shoes comment

  • Hapdash

    It’s about character and accountabilty. If these 3 ever play at vcu again it speaks to a lack of both in the coach and AD. Of course, Innocent until proven guilty. No one was killed here, but all involved died just a little bit. Sad.

  • Robo

    I know it is wrong and if it were my daughter I would be angry. However, I feel sorry for these lads who did something stupid and may be marked for the rest of their lives for one stupid act.

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