Are you cool with Capital One visiting your home or office?

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Relax Capital One customers. The bank says it won’t be showing up at your front door or office to collect on a delinquent credit card bill, even though rarely-read fine print in the bank’s credit card rules allow it to do just that.

That fine print was getting a lot of attention Tuesday morning, after being highlighted by a columnist in the Los Angeles Times.

Capital One’s rules state that customers can be contacted by mail, phone or email, as well as by “personal visit.” They also say customers can be contacted “at your home or at your place of employment.

The rules aren’t new but the L.A. Times column lit up social media and left the bank scrambling to reassure credit card customers. “Capital One does not visit our cardholders, nor do we send debt collectors to their homes or work,” the bank said in an emailed statement.

The rules sent to cardholders are the same as those sent to anyone who buys sports vehicles, such as jet skis or snow mobiles, through a secured loan from the bank. If those buyers don’t pay off their loans, Capital One said, “as a last resort, we may go to a customer’s home after appropriate notification if it becomes necessary to repossess the sports vehicle.”

Following the firestorm created by the L.A. Times column, the banks said it may change the way its rules are written.

“We’re considering creating two separate agreements given this language doesn’t apply to our general cardholder base,” the bank said in a statement Tuesday.

Despite the reassurances, the Twittersphere remained in high gear.

“Bad enough they know what’s in my wallet. Now they want to know what’s in my fridge? tweeted Karen J Larson.

“This is my bank; maybe it’s time to find a new one,” tweeted Washington Times columnist Joseph Curl.

Others threatened even harsher reactions should they get a visit.

“Come to my house and get .40 caliber interest,” tweeted another reader.

The LA Times column also pointed out the cardholder rules allow Capital One to “modify or suppress caller ID and similar services and identify ourselves on these services in any manner we choose,” suggesting the bank could disguise itself to get past cardholders who are screening their calls.

But once again, Capital One said it does not try to disguise collection calls it makes to cardholders.

“We want our calls to display as Capital One on caller ID and that’s the way they are programmed,” said the bank. “However, some local phone exchanges may display our number differently. This is beyond our control, and we want our cardholders to be aware of that potential occurrence.”

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Read the entire Los Angeles Times story here.


  • Roni

    Yeah, they might to re-think that option because here in MS we call that trespassing and we have gun laws regarding trespassing.

    • Randy

      It’s not trespassing if it is your contract. By using their services, you agree to the terms and conditions on those services. Basically you invited them over, and no gun law is going to save you from prosecution in that case. =P

  • Rickey Douglas Love

    I have 8 Dogs, 7 of them Like to Eat .,.,.Bankers ! !! ,.,., Soooo, Call Before You Come, And Please Note and Share with others on Conference Call,.,.,.,., the .45 Auto stays Loooooooadedddddd ~ Good Luck ~

  • Michelle Lee Melton

    Come on by and see how nicely my home is decorated with everything I purchased on my CapitalOne card. However please note that I am mentally unstable at times and may go cat lady crazy and throw them at you. They have sharp claws. Oh and I have parrots that like to scratch faces and bite too… especially bankers. Also, I will have no control over the dogs that will want to bite too.

  • gsrader

    Says they’ll visit only to repossess a large ticket item. I pay my bills, so they shouldn’t ever visit me. However…should they make one of those visits…I don’t answer the door unarmed.

  • Brenda Ruth

    If you have a Cap One account and signed the contract that states they can contact you in any manner, whats the problem. Don’t be delinquent and take it one step further. Pay off your account and cancel your account.. I have 2 cap one accounts. I am thankful for them. They have always worked with me. They can knock on my door anytime!

  • Crosby SK

    Lets see….SOME business phone lines are dedicated secure phone lines and some employees phones are connected to phones, which have access to the Dept of Defense (National Defense). And some workplaces are secure sites, which require security clearance issued by the Dept of Defense. Yep, I’m sure that Cap One can enforce that joke of a misinterpretation of “laws”.

  • Daryle Panek

    I read these comments people threatening other pople with bodily harm, well that is just plain smart on your part, Pay your bills and you do not have any issues. those people threatening with guns and dogs and such, What makes you think that they won’t be armed to protect themselves too.

    • Christopher G.

      Very well said. Don’t be delinquent and everything will be great. Capital One is one of the best companies for credit cards and auto loans.

  • Betty

    Really dumb ass people on here. What’s with the threats?? Why would you treat another human so nasty just for showing up at your door? If you pay your bills, be a responsible citizen, what’s your problem? Capital One has a contract, you signed it, you use there services and you treat them that way? These people have to make a living too. I’ve been behind on a bill or two in my years and I have always found it’s better to call ahead, tell them your story and let them know when you can make a payment. The only reason Capital One would ever call, come to your door or contact you any kind of way is if you are delinquent. PAY YOUR BILLS!!!! BE RESPONSIBLE!!!!

    • Lesley

      Really. What is wrong with these folks. Defensive because why??? If you’re paying your bill, at least the minimum payment every month, you have nothing to worry about anyway. Hysterical. Maybe you folks should read that fine print to see what it is that can legally be done if you are not paying your bill…..

    • lori tanner

      Sometimes you’re on a budget and a medical event or unemployment/underemployment hits and everything, including your ability to repay, changes.Sadly the debt never changes/ goes away.

  • Cindy Russell

    Here’s an idea: If you don’t like the terms of the contract with the bank, don’t get a loan or a credit card from them. Simple. Live within your means. Duh. And the shotgun man-eating dog comments… lame!

    • athynz

      It’s not that easy when they change the terms of their contract. Having said that if they want to come by the house that’s fine as long as they bring a bottle of wine or something. They can also come by work if they want to treat me to lunch.

      The bodily harm threats are a bit over the top – sure they have the right according to their revised contract to visit but I retain the right to not answer the door or refuse to speak with them at work.

      Of course this is all predicated on my account becoming delinquent. IOW they won’t be visiting me at home or work anytime soon.

  • Shannel

    If you pay your bills you don’t have anything to worry about. Plain and simple! Capital One was a great company when using the credit card or getting the auto loan but all of sudden when it’s time to pay there is an issue? I just don’t understand.

  • K

    Sigh. After having worked for Cap One for several years, left in 2005, this does not surprise me. Maybe the Compliance Analysts there should re-write that and make it a “live” change as they say. Have fun Marketing people.

  • Claudia

    The bank that issued my credit card got bought out by Capital One, making me one of their customers by default. I had no choice in that matter whatsoever. I don’t want to be associated with Capital One so I did the only logical thing: I cancelled my card and I paid off my balance. Simple as that. If they ever make the mistake of coming to my home to discuss ANYTHING with me, then we have a problem. I hate pushy telemarketers and I hate salespersons even more.

  • Chris

    No I would not mind. They want their money, then they should be able to get it. You think they just throw billions of dollars to people and not need it back at some point? The number of careless freeloaders in this world are troubling. Wonder why the interest rates are sky high? It’s because everyone has to cover the money that freeloaders are draining from the CC company’s own debt. What would you do if you gave someone money and they promised to pay you back? Pay your debt and you won’t have any problems. Plus, if you are really having problems paying, they will literally bend over backwards to recoup the money in a way you can afford. Just not paying them is plain stupid. Also, just because they give you a $10,000 limit does not mean you have to max it out. Use what you need, nothing more….key word NEED. IE car repair, medical bills, food, etc.

  • jfoster13

    First, I have rarely in my life had a collector call me and I’m thankful for that. I would appreciate a call or letter if I was late. I wouldn’t take it kindly if a collector showed up at more door under any circumstance.

  • Susie Que

    One more reason I’m glad to be free of the shackles of debt. No one can come to my door or take what’s in my home. Unless they are a burglar, but good luck getting past our trained guard dogs….

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