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Help these Virginia kids get their video on Ellen, and maybe get a new school

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A Virginia school built in the early 1900s was destroyed by fire in January 2014.

Colonial Beach Elementary school teachers created a YouTube video, in hopes they can get talk-show host Ellen to help them build a new school.

The school, considered a landmark, went up in flames on January 5.  Damage from an earthquake had already pushed students into trailers situated on the campus.

School board member Michelle Payne posted that the elementary school lost a significant amount of supplies stored in the building.

Teachers said the fire made for greater odds that the building would collapse, and it was considered too dangerous for children to return to the campus at all.

After the fire, a church granted staff and the 280 students a temporary space where they’ll spend the rest of the year.

“What I love about our school is we are such a big family, we care about each other and help out each other all the time,” teacher Kim Fischer says in the video.

Teachers hope to get this video shared enough times to get Ellen’s attention.

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  • Jen Koonz

    I hope this makes it to Ellen!! Hopefully this video will help raise the $$$ yyou need!! Great job Mandy —your family is proud!! ;)

  • tiffany raetz

    I hope they get the new school. I have grandparents that live in that town and its a lovely small town. i know how much that town has been thru so much and its so sad that kids had to go thru this. my prays are with the school and kids.

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