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Gay marriage ruling sparks Herring impeachment petition

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) -- After a federal judge in Norfolk ruled that Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, Attorney General Mark Herring announced his support. In response to his support, one group wrote a petition to have Herring impeached.

Herring called a press conference on Valentine's Day, the day after the ruling.

"Virginians deserved to be treated exactly the same, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation," Herring said during the conference.

As part of the Virginia's Christian Alliance, Don Blake says his organization and others are beginning to weigh their legal options.

"This is all about politics.  It's not about the law.  It's not about moral values and ethics,” Blake said. "This could happen over and over again.  And people should fear this.”

The Virginia Christian Alliance has started a petition stating that Herring isn't fulfilling his duty as attorney general.

Bill Harrison, president of the Richmond Gay Community Foundation, said he's not discouraged by the backlash.

"I expect it, but I say 'bring it on.' They're fighting a losing battle. The Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled in our favor and it's time that we drop the bows and arrows and start learning to live together as Americans,” Harrison said.

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  • M.L. Adams

    Right! Three months after a majority of Virginians elected Herring, based on his beliefs, a group of losers are calling for him to be impeached! What, exactly, is it that Republicans don’t understand about the democratic process?

    Obama was elected, based on a platform to bring universal health care to EVERYONE in the country, and then was re-elected, after having done so, and the same people are calling for his impeachment!

    Can you say “Sour grapes,” boys and girls? I knew you could!

  • Lisa

    Obama was elected & reelected because he had the votes. Greg you are so ignorant. The Republican party are ignorant just like you!!!

    • chuckgg

      I used to be a Republican until it became so embarrassing that I couldn’t look my friends in the eyes any longer. Now, I’m labeled a RINO and even Reagan couldn’t get elected if he were here today. The TP/GOP turned the Republican party into the disaster it is today. Compromise, cooperation, statesmanship, sportsmanship, intellectualism, advancement of science and the country? All are the antithesis of today’s TP/GOP. I will give a shout-out to Boehner for getting the debt ceiling bill passed without a lot of drama. I wouldn’t want his job trying to corral that crowd.

  • Lindsey

    Are you people a serious? Most people who voted for Obama had no idea why they were voting for him other than the fact that he was black. Now, almost the whole country disapproves of the job he’s doing. What about all the ideas he had about the war or about closing Guantanamo bay? Its all lies. Wake up, America.

    • ฿,$₮₳฿$ (@iBEStabs)

      umm we are completely pulled out of afghanistan, almost pulled out of iraq, and congress blocked obama’s executive order to transport prisoners from guantanamo bay. in fact, when obama made the exec order, the following budget explicitly stated that he couldn’t divert funds toward closing down or moving prisoners out of GITMO. get your facts straight

  • Becky

    Isn’t is odd that elected public officials, Executives, “Law Makers”, and
    Attorneys General, seek Governance by Law Suits, set up before set up Courts, now, instead of the known, legislated, enacted, and established Government Due Processes?
    Seems they deliberately seek to usurp, circumvent, and derail the
    Governments and ALL of the people, they were elected to SERVE
    through the Government, they seek to derail.

  • Becky

    As the “Inclusive Party”, we seek to “serve” and “represent” ONLY
    OURSELVES, our selected “favorites” and those we can and do
    USE as tools, weapons.
    We are “For” any special interests that can garner the publicity
    necessary MORE VOTES, solely to Our Government’s Power and Control.
    We can’t stop Propagandizing that WE.. Only… ARE so good, kind,
    loving, and benevolent to OUR OWN… ONLY.
    All others must be Attacked, character assassinated, demeaned,
    and liberally “loved” into extinction for having a mind of their own
    and Free Will.
    The Collective PC Must RULE by RAMROD without Government

  • ChuckGG

    African Americans amount to less than 15% of the general population in the USA. Considering Obama won by significant numbers in both the general population and in Electoral votes, your remark sounds very “sour grapes” and reminiscent of “Old Virginia.”

  • C-Dawg

    The Virginia Christian Alliance aka “The Christian Taliban ” is a joke. The 14th Amendment of the US Constitution is the law of the land. The judge made the right call and the Supreme Court will too, when the time comes. Legally speaking, they have nothing. I am at a loss why this topic draws so many trolls.

    • chuckgg

      I could not agree more. I always hear these syrupy religious quotes from the Christian crowd but their intolerance towards other faiths or those of no faith is nearly tyrannical. Apparently, their way is the only TRUE way and everyone else will spend eternity burning in Hell. This, despite only 1/3 of the world being Christian (including all versions of the faith) and far, far less of their particularly intolerant theology.

      I am hardly a church goer, but I recall one quote about “not following false prophets.” When I compare my understandings of the teachings of Jesus and compare these to the actions of the groups we certainly could put under the label of “The Christian Taliban,” one must wonder if they missed the message about “false prophets.”

      You have to wonder if these charismatic religious leaders are sincere or just lining their pockets with donations from people who identify with their preachings? I don’t know, but my suspicions arise when I see how some of these preachers live in the lap of luxury while their congregations are eating canned soup.

    • Terry

      If the gays and lesbians want to live together that is there right but for them to want to change definition of marriage then all they are doing is being trouble makers. When they can prove that they can produce children by so call loving each other then they have a case but until then shut up. I love my dog so maybe I should be allowed to marry him. As for all the leaders in dcc and Richmond they are wrong in changing the laws to suit a few. They all need to have low paying jobs.

      • ฿,$₮₳฿$ (@iBEStabs)

        but why was marriage defined as between one man and one woman in the first place? why is it that when two men love each other, they can’t get the same marital rights (visitation in the hospital, estate planning, etc.) as a man and a woman? if your reasoning is based on religion, then that is in direct violation of separation of church and state.

      • Carol C

        If marriage is only for procreation then we shouldn’t allow infertile couples to marry, older people to marry, or those who have no desire to have children at all. And your religious views belong to you. They are not law and should not be. Please tell me a proven reason why this is a bad thing? It is just your religious bigotry.

  • Tex Reagan

    Chuckie, I’m amazed by your constant whining. But heck, that’s what liberals are known for. Gays make up less than 1% of the military, so spare me your “all of a sudden” patriotism. Christians believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, and nothing you perverts try or do will ever change it. And without blacks voting over 95% for Obama, Obama would have stayed just another community organizer. Personally, I would rather go back to the “old” Virginia way where personal responsibility wasn’t considered “hate speech”, instead of “vote democrat coz it be easier than working” Virginia way.

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