What this Richmond Police officer did to a man in a wheelchair should make you smile

Posted on: 8:04 am, February 11, 2014, by , updated on: 06:58pm, February 11, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Police officers don’t always catch the bad guys. They also help the good guys.

A photo of Richmond Police Officer Jordan Clark helping a man whose wheelchair battery died is earning the officer praise on social media.

“These are the stories that should be on the evening news!” Eric Vincent Williams posted on Facebook.

“Wow. Now that’s an officer doing a good job. He has a heart!” Sandra Pleasants added.

Police Wheelchair

The photo was tweeted to Richmond Police on Saturday.

Here’s the story behind the photo, according to Richmond Police.

“Officer Clark responded and pushed the man for three blocks to 25th and Broad streets, where he had coordinated with GRTC to get the man picked up,” Richmond Police posted on Facebook. “He then helped the man get on the bus and then followed the bus to the man’s home near 21st and Q streets.”

Officer Clark’s job did not end there, according to police. When the bus arrived at the man’s home, police noted Officer Clark got out of his car and pushed the man another two blocks. When they arrived at the man’s home, police said Officer Clark helped the man safely get inside.

“What an incredibly kind thing for him to do,” police posted about Officer Clark’s action.

We agree!


  • athynz says:

    Now that is a class act!

  • Daniel Beasley says:

    An officer with some class, where did he get hired from, they need more.

  • A says:

    NOW not not

  • chery mccomb says:

    Thats so nice.It’s a shame that they dont get more reconition for the good they do every day.

  • hnybooboo says:

    What does the A stand for A$$ hole?

    • Bormley says:

      Undoubtedly an out-of-state 3rd year poly-sci student at VCU. Skinny jeans are restricting blood flow to the frontal and temporal lobes.

  • Pat says:

    Police Officer Limitless doing good actions, Congrats that’s what we need!

  • Mzz_SmileyFace says:

    Great Job!!!!! BRAVO

  • Hope Thomas says:

    It is sad that you have such a low opinion of the police officers who are out there putting their lives on the line every day to serve the public. My son is a police officer and I can’t count the hours he has spent out there doing good for folks, expecting AND getting nothing in return. But what he does get is the joy of knowing he has helped another human being and made a difference in somebody’s life that day, never knowing if he will return to his wife and kids that night! Thank a cop today; he’s looking out for you while you sleep!

  • Nunya Bizness says:

    All to offten we hear the stories about the bad cops, and we need to hear about that, however it’s nice to hear these stories to restore our faith in the people we hire to protect and serve.

  • kay says:

    I can’t say I’m not surprised the man didn’t get a ticket, similar to running out of gas in a car; good for the cop though (although I would give him credit as a private citizen, doubtful many would approve of his use of time since, again, there is no revenue provided)

    • Karen says:

      Kay, your comment makes absolutely no sense. A police officer’s job is to protect and serve, period. Whether this is arresting a criminal or assisting someone to get home and off of the streets, it is what they do. I would suggest you spend some time with one while on duty. You may learn something.

  • Joyce Green says:

    That is showing Love and Compassion.

  • Denise Marshall says:

    There are some good people in this world. All the negative comments are uncalled for. Richmond is a great place & wish I still lived there.

  • Carol says:

    Sad how some people will always have to turn a positive into a negative. Take this act for what it is – a kind soul helping another in this sometimes unkind world.

  • JMMWORK says:

    Congratulations to this young officer for being a gentleman and he is a credit to the whole concept of community police involvement–just think of what the fellow’s neighbors thought when they saw an officer helping this person–might help them help the police force in times of need from the community. The folks posting the negative comments would be the first to call when in need and the loudest to complain about the great assistance they received–nothing in this article but positive news.

  • Great to see humanity in action, even if its from the kind of people that normally shoot before asking questions, kick in the doors of the wrong people and kill elderly people and taser you to death for making a video of their barbarism.

    Other officers should take a note from this guy on how to be a good cop (no doubt if this was another day that story would have read: “Officers taser and beat a man in a wheel chair because he wouldn’t stand up”…)

  • Bill says:

    Excellent job! Great officer!

  • marv says:

    lets be real there are good cops bad cops there r good ppl bad ppl check it wat would u do if there were no police force than wat would u step up …ahhhh no if u feel that police aint diong there job throw on a bat costume and go for it lets see how long u last all it being said that no ones perfect the system is FARRRRRRR from perfect but agree with praise the good cause u might be the one needed it oneday

  • Unreal how low of an opinion you have of these men and women. Do you not understand how government works? While I seriously doubt it happens, IF the city were to charge this man for this service, it was not because the police officer asked for it nor is it likely the PD is asking for it. These men and women put their lives at risk for very little pay.

    Actually, what this man is doing is also putting his own life at risk but he went above and beyond what he had to do to ensure this man got home safe & sound.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for your comments.

    • M.A. Hilliard says:

      YOU TELL THAT JERK!!!! Pretty sure that commenters like that don’t work in local government. A citizen’s battery dies in their car then motorist assistance truck is there to help. The battery dies in their wheelchair there isn’t emergency roadside assistance for that.

  • mrssumma says:

    Love this! So grateful for all of our Public Heros. They make such an incredible difference in the lives of others. Thank you for serving, and making my families lives safer.

  • Sam says:

    Too bad that this world creates more protect than serve. Most often, they are dealing with the drug dealers and those are the trying to hurt others like the guys that jumped the young man in VA Beach when they place a traffic barrell I the middle of the street!. I commend this officer. They make the world a better place! I Want to fell protected! But I love it when people help their fellow man! Kudos!

  • athynz says:

    Really? It’ll be interesting to see fi this guy happens to get a “bill” for services rendered. Hey CBS keep us posted on this.

  • Ryan says:

    The job of a police officer is to serve and protect. To commend him for this seems a bit silly since he is just doing his job. In addition, any person that could just walk by a guy stranded in a wheelchair is a real scumbag. It’s what anyone should have done in that situation, be a f@@king human being.

  • Not posted says:

    Hey he is the city of Richmond not Chesterfield or Hanover. The police here actually do things other than pull people over in hopes of giving them some kind of ticket.

  • Mrs. JoAn Stevens says:

    Kay, What is your point? As someone whom now uses a wheelchair similar to the one shown in the photo, this instance would be a nightmare. So, Thank you to the officer!

  • TMathieu says:

    Way to go Officer Clark!!!! :)

  • nancy fox-hicks says:

    A fine officer doing a great deed…..

  • Linda Young says:

    God bless this officer!!!!!!! His kindness will be rewarded… It uplifts us all to hear & see this story…

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