ALERT: Officer shoots suspect who allegedly pointed gun at officers outside Richmond motel


    • Mary

      What does Eric Holder have to do with this crime? Anyone with half a brain and any hint of justice in their bodies can hope and pray that these criminals will be put away for the rest of their lives. I am only sad we have to support them in jail.

      • Manalishi

        Reality would indicate holder is just fine with cop killers as his official position with fast & furious. This is a hate crime in reality but not in the minds of democrats.

        Furthermore, it’s obama’s position that cop killers are “special” hence his appointment of Debo Adegbile to lead the Civil Rights Division.

        James Hamilton used half of his brain, you didn’t use any of it.

    • Phil B

      Yeah, this isn’t a Federal crime no role for the AG. The commonwealth will bring justice for this officer.

  • JoHo

    When is WTVR6 going to start report useful info about important stories.
    I think Katie Beck is the only REAL REPORTER at TV 6.

  • sw

    I am so sick of the senseless violence in this country. I am also tired of hearing excuses of how these thugs are products of their enviroment. You chose to do the things you do. When someone will kill a police officer they will kill anyone. If these three killed him they deserve no mercy. My thoughts are with officer Quick’s family and especially his baby who will never truly know her father.

    • WorkingMan

      Dubbs, it’s funny: Randy Allen Taylor was charged with Alexis Murphy’s murder and there’s not even the slightest hint of a body. Or where she went. But here theý’ve got a body & a multitude of evidence and there’s not a murder charge. Go figure.

  • It's Inevitable

    All of you are dancing around the real issue here — and you know EXACTLY to what I am referring. That said, allow me to spell out the most terrifying word (and only solution) for 21st-century America: S E G R E G A T I O N. Scares you, doesn’t it? For all you white-guilt liberals, you can keep your “diversity” and choke on it.

  • Ryan

    Im just sick of these racist comments. I look at these suspects as just that. I wonder what kind of comments I would see if all six of these suspects were white..oh but one of them IS white and all you see is black people lol Angry white kids shoot up schools filled with innocent toddlers and its “awww thats sad. We pray for him he needs help” But a black person kills someone and you scream segregation….hilarious. It is never looked at the same when a black person is involved…..especially when the victim is white. Dont get me wrong these killers should fry and my heart hurts for the family. I hate seeing things like this and it only makes it worse when you try to blame it on blacks. Some of the most hanus crimes in American history have been commited by whites but do you call them white monsters? Their actions make them monsters not their background and race should have nothing to do with what is coming to them

    • dubbs

      Most of the criminals involved in heinous crimes are typically referred to as Monsters: Speck, Bundy, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and countless others – regardless of their color. I think you are blocking out some of this information out of your thinking. Monsters are monsters – regardless of pigmentation. We all call them monsters because they are.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    It’s the result of prison not being used for rehabilitation but to make a better criminal. I am familiar with the gang they are in. It’s written all over the walls in the jail. Guess what? When they get to jail they just do the same thing but to people in there. People in there for lesser crimes learn to become better criminals by having to stand up to the real criminals and thus become a better criminal in the process. The answer is not just lock them up forever because then they only breed more future criminals within the system.

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