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Memorial to honor Enslaved African Americans in Mechanicsville

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RICHMOND, VA. (WTVR):  The Hanover Heritage Alliance and HHHunt Corporation are hosting a public memorial and educational event to honor Enslaved African-Americans buried on the Timberlake property, a farm where the Rutland community sits today.

The slave burial site at Rutland, now a mixed-use community in Mechanicsville, is an important piece of African-American History in Hanover County. Remains of 57 enslaved Africans are reinterred in a special memorial garden in front of the relocated Rutland House.

The community can learn more about Rutland, the slave burial site and the Timberlake House on Sunday, February 9th at 5pm, at a memorial and education event featuring One Voice Chorus, a presentation from an Abraham Lincoln historical actor and educational information about the slavery legacy in Hanover. Rutland is located at 8400 Combs Drive, Mechanicsville. For more information call 804-762-4800 or email


  • airjackie

    The new lessons told by our elected officials is slavery never happen in the US and the African/Americans were just happy workers who did not want freedom but loved being property and treated less then an animal. We do recognize the horror of the Holocaust as we are often reminded. Bodies of blacks in mass graves are all over the US with little attention. Even in New York as new building were started thousands of dead/killed slaves were found. Likely with the slaves building the White House and other sites in DC there are bodies underground as that is how things were done the pass once a slave died. As Rep. Bachmann and other racist Tea Party/Republicans have said the US never had slaves just happy workers and we should look to getting those days back.

  • Henry Hunter

    unfortunately everyone can get their fifteen minutes of fame. If only she would read a history book for fifteen minutes first.

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