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The song that moved this 4-year-old boy to tears

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(WTVR) – Everyone has a song or two that instantly reduces them to tears (have you listened to Cats in the Cradle recently). But was that the case when you were four years old?

Jackson does. His father was recording as his young son got emotional listening to “Say Something” by A Great Big World (feat. Christina Aguilera). Does this video make you feel any differently about young children?


  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    This is a song about giving up on love and saying goodbye, obviously that was explained to him and why it makes him sad. What’s so sad is letting a little child listen to it knowing it hurts him. :( So wrong, I wouldn’t have posted the video, nor explained something over his head and he’ll cry about it, poor little thing.

    • Anna

      Your reading far more into this then needs to be… its a sad song yes but i don’t think he fully comprehend it all…. just sounds very sad. and hes a little more on the emotional side…. hes dad asked him if he wanted him to turn it off a few times… this was just a sweet tender moment caught on tape. YOU CAN TELL this boy is very well loved and sensitive hearted…. i think this video is adorable. made me shed a little tear too.

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