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Second woman dies following Chickahominy River crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

UPDATE:  “A second occupant in a vehicle that crashed into water near White Oak Road and East Williamsburg Road on February 3, 2014, has died. Twenty-seven year old Jessica Gallmeyer of Sandston passed away today,” Henrico Police spokeswoman Lt. Linda Toney wrote in an email. “Ms. Gallmeyer is the sister of Ms. Amanda Irby, who passed away yesterday.”

No additional charges have been place at this time.

“Crash Team Officers are working with the Commonwealths Attorney’s Office to determine if additional charges will be brought as a result of these deaths,” police said.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A teenage passenger riding in a car that crashed into the Chickahominy River in eastern Henrico County Monday night has died.

Police said 15-year-old Amanda Irby of Sandston was one of two women riding with 23-year-old Andrew Taylor Walters when he crashed his car into the water after trying to evade police.

He was speeding away from a traffic stop after police pulled him over for erratic driving on Williamsburg Rd. at Elko Rd.

Irby died Wednesday at VCU Medical Center from injuries sustained in the crash.

Her 26-year-old half-sister, Jessica Gallmeyer, was also inside the car. She died on Thursday.

A Facebook page was started for Jessica and Amanda.

A Facebook page was started for Jessica and Amanda.

Fire officials said both women were in cardiac arrest when they were pulled from the car, but that both resuscitated and regained a pulse on the way to the hospital.

“They were under water for a significant period of time...they were in cardiac arrest during that period of time,” Henrico Fire spokesperson Captain Daniel Rosenbaum said.

A Facebook page was set up to provide updates on the sisters.  It is called “Hope for Jessica and Amanda.

Rosenbaum expects the crew members who worked that night to undergo some critical incident stress debriefing.

“It can take a can have memories of some of the significant incidents you`ve been on,” Rosenbaum said.

Andrew Walters tried to evade police and crashed into the Chickahominy River

Andrew Walters tried to evade police and crashed into the Chickahominy River

Melissa Hipolit also talked to Andrew Walter’s grandfather over the phone.

He told Melissa his grandson is on two types of medication, and as long as he takes it “he’s sweet as can be, but if he goes off of it, he’s a handful.”

Walter’s grandfather also said that the past couple of days have been “hell” for his family.

Police said Walters is not facing additional charges at this time, but that crash team investigators are working with the Commonwealths Attorney’s Office to decide if more charges will be brought as a result of Irby's death.

Walters, of the 7400 block of Ambrose Drive in Mechanicsville, was previously charged with 2nd Offense -- Driving while Operator’s License is Suspended, Felony Disregarding the Signal of a Law Enforcement Officer to Stop (Eluding) and Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer.

Police said they found Walters about one mile from the crash scene.



  • Kevin

    Pos need to be drowned himself . Especially after being a punk and leaving them in car to drown . Pos need to die . Daughter played softball with her

  • krista

    He needs to die they were like family to me.i love them both and shes still n my prayers hes a messed up BOY!! and has never had remorse for any females..he only thinks of himself i agree he should drown!!!!

    • krista

      u no nothing im here to support the family by that meaning my family.u have know right to have said anything at all he did what he did so stop trying to make excuses for him trying to make him look better bc theres nothing you say or do to change what hes done…hes going to pay for this!!!

  • joel.p

    she went to school with me so sad but things happen at the wrong time if it was ment to be then it was ment to be it was her time to come to god

  • Neko

    I can’t believe he would just leave those two girls underwater in a car and take off to try to save himself. What were they doing riding around or being friends with a guy like that?

  • bradly

    I cant believe the parents of a 15 year old girl are letting her hang out,ride around,party whatever they were doing with a 26 year old and a male trouble maker 23 such as this guy.Yea at some point parents have to do the job they signed up for.And as for the guy blaming medication,must have already spoke to a attorney,huh?gimme a break.

  • krista

    u know nothing im here to support the family meaning my family. You shouldnt have said nothing at all and need to stop making excuses for him he did what he did and nothing u say or do can change that..he will pay for this!!!

  • Gerry

    I wonder what med he’s on? What’s his mental illness? Sure, he may be a cad, but on the other hand, he may be insane. Should we throw the book at the mentally ill?

  • Amberly

    I hope he knows that God will JUDGE him for hurting his children, there is no reason to run an leave two helpless females under water, (lets not forget one was only 15) reguardless what the police are after you for, you never run from them. I believe this is considered murder, the fact is he ran an left two females to die, in what book is this at all right? Alot of “ill” people are in jail today for killing people an etc etc. He doesn’t deserve a slap on the wrist he killed two females because he was thinking about himself.

  • Craig S.

    Stories like this make me sick. On another note, after reading some of the posts on here, it is pretty evident our education system is sorely lacking.

  • paula

    The issue here is that two beautiful people lost their lives and a family is left to grieve. People need to stop passing judgment on others, especially when its impossible to know all the details..To the family of Amanda and Jessica, I pray that you find peace and comfort during this tragic time…My God bless you and keep you strong! AMEN!

  • Kid_gang

    I knew Amanda from middle school. She was a great person with an big heart and she was hilarous when I found out she past I was literally shocked. Amanda was a great person and her sister. I believe the last thing I told Amanda was I`ll c her next year @ HSHS. Smh I luv u babygirl I`ll c u later

  • Gbam

    My girlfriend and I were playing pool next to these 3 on Monday night and we left at the same time. Happened to be parked next to them as well. I was messing around with my better half and they were cracking up. They were having a wonderful time before they left. Very sad and shocking to read this.

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