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Can you help this injured puppy find a new home?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHATHAM COUNTY, NC (WTVR) – A puppy that survived an attack by one of her owners is out of surgery and will soon need a new home. Bella, a three-month-old terrier mix, was found in the woods near her North Carolina home last month.

Niahmetrius Williams, 23, is accused of trying to cut off  one of Bella’s legs while he fought with his girlfriend. The couple owned Bella together.

“Better than what I expected,” veterinarian Dr. Elaine Holmes said about Bella’s current condition. “Especially in the right knee. I was really concerned at the time of surgery that I was doing what I could but it wasn’t going to be good enough. That’s how severe the damage was.”

Williams is charged with cruelty to animals and assault.

Bella will soon be available for adoption through Chatham Animal Rescue and Education.


  • Ronnie Goodwin

    I’ve known this man along time and I hope he gets what he deserves who does something like God help him

  • Deborah Fochler

    A few years ago. A neighbor got home from jail to find the family cat had kittens. He put 5 kittens and a moma cat in the dumpster, poured gasoline on them and threw in a match. Someone called 911 to put the fire out and the firemen found 1 kitten badly burned but still alive – all others died but the mama cat layed on top the kittens. A vet was called and she cared for the cat for a very long time – years because she couldnt have it adopted. The man was given 6 months suspended sentence. The fireman was so mad he screamed at the judge and got a $1000 fine. Not quite fair in my book but the justice system for you.

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