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SUPER BOWL RATINGS: Richmond hangs with Russell Wilson despite blowout

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Russell Wilson holding the Lombardy trophy (SOURCE: Russell Wilson's Facebook page)

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – Perhaps it was Russell Wilson’s close ties to Central Virginia, or Michael Robinson’s friends and family not wanting to miss any of the action, but the blowout that was Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVIII did not seem impact the game’s Richmond ratings.

Wilson, the Collegiate School graduate, lead the Seattle Seahawks over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The game was never in doubt. The final score 43 – 8.

Despite Wilson and former Varina High School quarterback Robinson’s close ties to Central Virginia, Sunday’s game was NOT the highest rated Super Bowl in recent Richmond history.

Hey, it’s the Super Bowl, it’s the most watch television event of the year, regardless of who is playing, so the rating the game receives is always big news.

A Nielsen estimated 285,000 Central Virginia households (out of 555,000) watched Sunday’s Super Bowl earning it a 51 rating/71 share in Central Virginia. That means 71 percent of all televisions turned on in Central Virginia Sunday night were watching the Super Bowl.

At it’s peak, about 8:45 p.m., the game got a 54 rating/74 share.

The game started with a 45 rating/65 share and steadily climbed to 8:45 p.m.

Even after  Seattle put the game away with a touchdown on the second half kick-off return, the rating never fell below 50.

So how does that compare to recent Richmond Super Bowl ratings?

Let’s check:

  • 2014 – Seahawks vs. Broncos – 285,000 households – 51 rating/71 share
  • 2013 – Ravens vs. 49ers – 299 households — 54 rating/75 share*
  • 2012 – Giants vs. Patriots – 287,000 households —  51 rating/70 share
  • 2011 – Steelers vs. Packers – 274,000 households — 49 rating/70 share
  • 2010 – Saints vs. Colts – 278,000 households — 50 rating/65 share
  • 2009 – Steelers vs. Cardinals – 271,000 households — 49 rating/67 share
  • 2008 – Giants vs. Patriots – 251,000 households 48 rating/63 share

*average of pre-power outage and post- power outage

We wish we could compare last night’s Super Bowl rating to the last time the Washington Redskins played for the title but, it’s been a while.


  • Blackbeered

    “Nielsen estimated 285,000 Central Virginia households (out of 555,000) watched Sunday’s Super Bowl”.

    I wish they’d tell us how they figure … maybe they called four numbers and two said they were watching?

    When I saw this “statistic”, I asked nearly 100 people I encountered today if they got a call last night. Not ONE said they had.

    So it makes me think Nielsen makes up these numbers.

    Go figure.

    • Becky

      Completely AGREE. These so-called polls are just More Propaganda
      set up to meet and suit the purposed objective. Advertising is almost
      paramount to the game now days. Of course, Media would pander to advertisements.
      The Propaganda Stream runs throughout the Nation as the River Denial and Machine to tell you what you think, their will; not yours.
      Watched Downton Abby. Out of ten friends polled, 2 guys watched the Super Bowl together, in their man caves, the women went elsewhere
      and watched other venues.
      We make it Say whatever we purpose polls…

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