Judge alters ruling in former Governor Bob McDonnell case

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The federal judge presiding over former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen's corruption case altered his ruling to allow the former First Couple to speak to friends and family members associated with their case.

While Judge David Novak will allow the McDonnells to speak, he ordered them not to talk about the case. He said while he believes the McDonnells will abide by the ruling, he added they will be detained should they violate the order.

Former Governor McDonnell declined to answer questions as he exited court Monday.

Lawyers from both sides were told to have witness lists ready to present to the other side by Wednesday.

Click here to continuing coverage of this developing story.

Click here to continuing coverage of this developing story.

Earlier this month, the McDonnells entered not guilty pleas to federal charges that they performed political favors for a political donor to showered the couple with gifts.

The judge released the McDonnells on their own recognizance and lectured them to remain clear of the media prior to their July trial.

While it is usual to keep defendants from speaking to potential witnesses is a criminal case, the McDonnells are seeking an exception for their children.

CBS 6 reporters Jake Burns and Joe St. George will be in court this morning. Watch for their reports on WTVR.com and the CBS 6 News at Noon.


  • Manalishi

    “Should McDonnells be allowed to talk to friends, family before trial?” The question itself as well as the judge lecturing them to steer clear of the media is beyond insane. This is supposed to be America,

    • athynz

      I can understand steering clear of the liberal media but there should not be a question of being able to talk to one’s children. Government gone amok.

  • Glen Allen

    if the court did not want the mooch or his crooked wife to speak to various people, they should have denied bond, and left the pair in jail where they could be watched. If the $700,000 + worth of lawyers we hired for him to cover this mess up, have not been able to do so, I think Maureen better plan another trip back to the designer clothing stores in NYNY, and have some new prison jumpsuits made up. She might also think about getting a foot or so of hair cut off her head too, as I don’t think they let hair color in the prisons and the “young woman” hair style she wears will look silly all in gray and white.

    • Digger

      Hey glen, Better have your meds checked. The only reason that the McDonalds are in court is because thin-skinned Barry wants to make sure that he, a successful govenor is not on a ballot again! This trial is going to come apart like Barry’s lies on Benghazi.

    • athynz

      Easy G.A…. First they were never in jail – indicted does not equal imprisonment. Second they repaid the money and gave back the gifts where were – by VA state law not illegal. The ONLY reason the Feds got involved was due to the liberal progressive’s fear of this man – the question I have is what are they so scared of?

      • Clue Phone

        What difference does it make that they repaid it? The issue is the cover up and illegal reporting of the transactions, and the quid pro quo involved. The fact that they are acting like all they need to do is to pay it back in order to make things good is an act of moronic hubris and cluelessness.

        Wifey was out of control. Everybody attests to that fact. The sleeze slipped in through the back door that she opened and Bob paid the price, big-time. Not only did he lose his career in the deal, but he’s still married to her.

        This should serve as a reminder to people: do not marry a toxic individual with developmental issues.

      • athynz

        @Clue – true but here’s the thing – it was a sate level issue and the state chose not to take any action. That should have been the end of it. Evidently it was not. My question still stands – why are the liberal progressives so afraid of McDonnell?

  • Becky

    Wonder if the judge will strictly monitor the court order about trying this case in the Liberal Propaganda Media?
    Can’t See the Transparency of Democratic Drone attacks on Governors?
    Wisconsin’s Governor, Arizona’s Governor, New Jersey’s Governor,
    Virginia’s Governor. Doesn’t Set their Party Precedence?
    On the other hand a poll, after less than a month, indicates that
    Virginia is just peachy politically under the New Democratic Governor
    and AG that Promise/Lie just like Obama.
    Then there is The Kaine(s), Warner, Scott that bought their positions
    through the Friends With Benefits plans of their Really Big Friends in
    Really High Places. No liberal “investigative reports”, coincidently,
    into the Infamous Democratic Richmond Mayor’s corruption, collusion,
    and extortion of taxes for his Special Interest (hidden, protected Tax
    Exempt/Non Profit LOBBYISTS) Consortiums by Democratic/Media, Inc. Holier than Thou Democrats, through their abject Propaganda Democratic Mode, fostering run, hide, excuse, refuse, and lie..

  • Hairy From Hunton

    I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all admitting that aliens & their space crafts are here. I know how to literally bring the aliens right to me & I‘m going to do it as soon as I get the funds. I also have evidence that explains the true sources of the kinds of posts that you read here on this story. I have evidence to prove that they are being posted by aliens. It is time for the truth to come out so people can understand exactly what the situation is.

    For now, until I get my funding, I suggest that you simply reply to these posts with the word, “Alien!” and to leave it at that. I will take it from there.

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