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Would you pay even more for Amazon Prime?

Shoppers are not happy with Amazon sales taxes

(CNN) – Amazon executives will consider raising the price of the company’s Amazon Prime service.

Customers now pay $80 for Amazon Prime, a subscription service that includes free shipping for most purchases and streaming video to TVs and Kindles.

In a conference call with investors, Amazon executives said they would consider hiking the Amazon Prime price an extra $20 to $40 a year to help cover rising fuel and shipping costs.

The announcement comes as Amazon stock fell eight percent in after-hours trading.

While the company’s fourth-quarter profits grew to $239 million and revenues were up 26 percent, the figures fell short of Wall Street predictions.

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  • Eugene Golden

    they raise it that much…it is a very high percentage increase…and i am gone. They of course will see a major reduction in my orders too. Will be back to ebay and buying at local brick and mortar stores. Might where i ought to be anyway.

  • Gerry

    They need to offer a lot of cloud storage with prime, among their other services. I don’t need prime, but the cloud storage I do use.

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