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Case closed: ‘White Wolf’ of Chester is a dog

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The lone wolf that had social media howling turns out to be a shepherd-husky mix, according to Chesterfield Animal Control officials.

CBS 6 first reported on the animal in December, when it was spot off Ironbridge Road. Since then it has traveled a wide path and has been spotted in Colonial Heights, Prince George and also Amelia.

Recent reports situate the animal at a subdivision not too far from Pocahontas State Park, southwestern part of Chesterfield.

Wolves, let alone white wolves, haven’t been seen naturally in Virginia for generations. Wolf hybrids have become fairly rare as pets.

Chesterfield veterinarian Colleen Kida has had some experience with wolf hybrids.

She looked at the photos and told CBS 6 that she can’t really tell for sure what it is without examining it. It might even take DNA testing to tell for sure, she said.

Typically, wolves and wolf hybrids have yellow eyes, she said. That it was so close to the road tells her it’s probably not a purebred wolf, because they shy away from humans at all costs.

She said hybrids aren’t often dangerous unless cornered. Regardless, she said, anyone who sees it should call animal control rather than trying to solve the mystery.

Chesterfield Animal Control officials did send some of the pictures snapped by curious onlookers. The USDA analyzed the pictures and made the call—it’s a shepherd husky mix.

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