THE CHEATS MOVEMENT: #untoldrva wins Feast RVA

Posted on: 3:25 pm, January 30, 2014, by , updated on: 03:28pm, January 30, 2014

Feast RVA winner Maat Free with Johnny Hugel and Josh Epperson (PHOTO: Feast RVA photographer Mallory Paige Ruff)

Feast RVA winner Maat Free with Johnny Hugel and Josh Epperson (PHOTO: Feast RVA photographer Mallory Paige Ruff)

RICHMOND, Va. ( – Cold Sundays in January are normally reserved for the NFL Playoffs, but this year was an exception.

I had to get off my couch, hold off on the chicken wings, and get over to the latest installment of Feast RVA at Black Iris.

Feast RVA was brought to Richmond by Johnny Hugel and Josh Epperson in 2011. It’s truly a community gathering that funds brilliant ideas over a delicious meal.

On January 19, NFL Championship Sunday, I joined the Feast RVA community to hear three amazing proposals for community action.

The meal was provided by Lunch and Supper and the music by a great trio Gracious Ghost.

Maat Free’s presentation for #untoldrva won the evening’s prize, a undisclosed amount of cash, voted on by those in the room.

According to the Feast RVA website #untoldrva:

“Clean, creative typography + design to inspire up to 50,000 GRTC mass transit riders every month by dropping knowledge on interior bus ads so that everyday people can have a deeper connectedness to the fascinating hidden history of RVA.”

Be on the look out for the work of #untoldrva in the days ahead.

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  • SEEIT says:

    Oh, another Tax Exempt/Non Profits Ways & Means Consortium to
    promote/advance/forward Agendas through more of their special, Special Interests of the imported northerners, progressives, and liberals over the ALL.
    Perfectly and Correctly Pose it as “Positively Richmond’, exclusively.
    Campaign Ads Banner the Efforts.
    Use all the correct propaganda click tags of fun, food, with love, care, kindness and benevolence to their targeted, favorite, and preferred over the rest, with the grandiosity of superiority, with elitism, spilling out, as a blessing.
    We do so need more superior, imported wisdom, to lead division,
    by the preferred and by any means.
    It is so Politically purposed to charge, attack, divide, and subjugate,
    and mold Richmond of, by, and for PC to the Correct PC Mold

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