Internet panics over ‘geo-engineered, poison’ snow, so we test it out

Posted on: 9:14 pm, January 30, 2014, by , updated on: 10:14am, January 31, 2014

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – We decided to put some scientific reasoning into the perplexing accusation that the January 28-29 snowfall, which crippled Southern states like Georgia and Alabama, was somehow geo-engineered.

Multiple people are posting videos to the internet of snow that doesn’t melt when a lighter is applied to it. A lot of people have assumed that the videos could be false. That’s not true. The snow isn’t melting–but that doesn’t mean the snow is fake [Our video explainer is at the bottom].

Some people are seen in the online videos freaking out that the snow turns black and has an odor. There are questionable motives behind this snow, some say.

There is some sort of geo-engineering going on across the Nation, and around the world. We do know however, that the strongest weapon any military could posses is one that can manipulate the weather at will.  People all across the country have recently began posting videos, and photo’s, of snow that will not melt. Some people are even reporting that the snow has a strange odor, like chemicals. Is the snow natural, or the result of a Geo-Engineered or HARRP attack?”

Why is this happening? Is it truly an attack on the people of a certain geographic location? We don’t think so. As our meteorologist Mike Stone explained on camera [our video is at the end], the heat directly applied to the snowball is making the snow vaporize.

[CLICK HERE: Skies filled with contrails – or chemtrails- sprayed by the government?]

The snow is disappearing, it is just not melting or dripping.

It is a process called sublimation, and the US Geologic Survey, defines it as “the conversion between the solid and the gaseous phases of matter, with no intermediate liquid stage.”

There is scientific evidence that particulate matter from pollution is present in the atmosphere, even more so in industrial Southern states. But that has nothing to do with the chemical smell people detect on the snow in these experiments. That’s simply from the butane in the lighter, that’s being released while they hold the flame to the snow.

We used a match and a lighter on the snowball, and both forms of fire blackened it. It’s soot marks.

If you dropped that same snowball into a saucepan and heated it up, it would melt. And it melts when you track it inside, right?!

Any other myths we should try busting?


  • Curtis Cole says:

    If you really want to prove this to the people who think the government is trying to kill us. Just hold a piece of plastic OVER the snow as you heat it with the flame to show the vapor condensing.

    • Curtis Cole says:

      Obviously Hole the plastic high enough that you don’t burn the plastic.

    • We don’t need to conduct any experiments to know that chemicals are mixed in in the air to make snow.
      Here’s a short list of agencies that tell us all about the chemicals they spray in the air,
      West Texas Weather Modification Association (WTWMA)
      South Texas Weather Modification Association (STWMA)
      Southern Ogallala Aquifer Rain (SOAR) Program
      Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA)
      Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District
      Trans Pecos Weather Modification Association

    • Manda says:

      Or just quietly laugh at their expense. It takes way less effort..

    • Deborah says:

      The Government has been alternating the weather for awhile now. Google cloud seeding and look for the official Govt websites. They will have .gov at the end. They also are looking for anyone who flys planes to assist and will pay for the equiptment. I don’t think they are maliciously making crappy weather but why would anyone think they are so high and mighty to mess with the weather patterns not knowing the full outcome elsewhere.

    • Deborah says:

      The Government has been alternating the weather for awhile now. Google “cloud seeding” and look for the official Govt websites. They will have .gov at the end. They also are looking for anyone who flys planes to assist and will pay for the equiptment. I don’t think they are maliciously making crappy weather but why would anyone think they are so high and mighty to mess with the weather patterns not knowing the full outcome elsewhere.

  • Lyn Leahz says:

    Before It’s News was the first to Debunk this ‘fake snow’ conspiracy January 31, 2014 11 a.m. Way to go and great article. Thanks for researching this as well! See my article here

  • NietZsky says:

    Not convinced the smell is simply butane, considering I’ve routinely smoked cigars for the last 5 years with a butane torch lighter, in addition to taking a great deal of resin (mostly butane) bowl hits in my lifetime. Also, I was not wearing gloves or sleeves at the time, or anything on my hands/wrists.

    Nothing is known until chemical tests are performed on this snow, and ice made in my freezer from purified water did not sublimate as this snow did.

    • Ice is denser, take a snow cone, and melt it.
      Or even better, take the snow, put it in a tubber ware container, let it melt in the closed container, then freeze it in your freezer, and then melt it.

  • Also, my question is, in the second video, why did the guys ice behave differently than the snow if the process is simply sublimation? I get sublimation, I am a very intelligent person, but the ice cube displayed sublimation as well as melting (there was water left over but not the entire mass of the ice cube worth of water) but the snow left NO water at all. Even if the ice or snow directly touching the flame was sublimating, the heat from the flame should not sublimate but MELT the ice that it is not directly touching…like what happened with the ice cube, but not the snow.

    • Trudi says:

      an Ice Cube is not the same as snow. it will melt in a different way. It is not comparing apples to apples.

      • noah says:

        an ice cube is not the same but the snow i did this to last year started dripping from the second i put fire to it so that is apples to apples and last years apple melted in to water how do you exsplane that away

      • Craig says:

        Right, there is more ‘air space between snowflake crystals than ice crystals in a cube.

    • Keith says:


      to make it more simple, you put water (liquid) in an ice cube tray and it freezes (solid). . .in the sky water vapor (gas) turns into snow (solid) .

      • Tyler Clayton says:

        Obviously Keith you don’t know that it does turn into a liquid before becoming a solid…the vapor condenses into a liquid first and wind repeatedly pushes the water droplets back up in the atmosphere until it eventually freezes and becomes snow…I don’t think it’s fake snow but I can’t let you give these people false information can I?

    • Ice is denser, take a snow cone, and melt it.
      Or even better, take the snow, put it in a tubber ware container, let it melt in the closed container, then freeze it in your freezer, and then melt it with your ligher.

  • This is a lie says:

    Gotta love the news the government presses to the public. The great applied from a lighter isn’t high enough to instantly vaporize snow. Your story is full of shit. This is proof the government is tampering with the weather. No wonder they’re trying to make it illegal to collect rain water. They do not want the public running chemical tests. This piece of shit, sorry excuse for a democracy is constantly lying to it’s citizens. This is not normal snow. This news is a government ran story. We the people are not stupid.

  • This is a lie says:

    Everybody intelligent enough to have done the research knows that CBS is one of the corrupt media that the government lies to the public through. Along with FOX, MSNBC, and a few others.

  • MizViv says:

    When I was a child in New England in the 1960s, it was common knowledge taught to children that the first few inches of snow that fell picked up whatever particles were floating around and, basically, cleaned the air. That meant that the bottom few inches were likely to be contaminated with wood smoke, car exhaust, etc., and we were all told NOT to consume that lower layer. I was a bit freaked out by reports of people making snow ice cream when we had had only 2 inches of snow recently.

  • Carlos says:

    Looks like Illuminati CBS and their Luciferian devil-worshiping puppet masters tried to throw water on the flames their HAARP (and chemtrails) weather control weapons created, but judging by some of the comments here, they threw gasoline on the flames instead. Good to see not all Americans are asleep at the wheel! Say no to the New World Order, and remember, the enemy of the American people, is the U.S. government (and the foreign Federal Reserve banksters who control it). God bless the future of our own FREE nation!

  • I always enjoy a good tin-hat freakout! Look at ‘em crawling out of the woodwork like worms out of left-over bottle of 7-Up. Good mythbusting, WTVR!

  • Flynn Collier says:

    Can you explain this snow?

  • Cecilia says:

    So saw the YouTube videos, and let me tell you that is NOT sublimation. It is general chemistry knowledge that the pressures necessary for sublimation to occur are in a near vacuum environment, less than 1millibar. Not achievable outside of a laboratory.

    If that were sublimation they’d all be dead due to oxygen deprivation because of the vacuum necessary to reach waters triple point.

    A 4th year undergraduate majoring in chemistry and geology.

    • Cecilia – Keep on studying. You have more to learn. Here’s an actual scientist explaining how snow sublimates – and all you conspiracy freaks should note that this was published three years ago.

    • Ryan says:

      So you aren’t doing very well then because you don’t need an atmospheric vaccum for sublimation to occur.

    • Sarah says:

      So dry ice can’t sublimate unless it’s in a near vacuum environment? Because I see that all the time. I know it’s carbon dioxide and not water, but it is still sublimation. I’m kind of depressed that a chemistry major thinks this is a conspiracy too…

      • Cecilia says:

        It’s upsetting that you don’t know what in the hell dry ice is. Last time I checked, CO2 IS NOT H2O.Look it up. Seriously look at a triple point for water. Wiki it for gods sake. You don’t need to be in college to fact check. 3.74 GPA speaks for itself, so I’m doin great thanks.

        Different substances, different triple points. Vacuums are necessary for H2O to sublimate. FACT FACT FACT

      • Lilia says:

        lol I am no chemistry student but if your going to criticize others regarding their smartness at least know the difference between snow, ice and dry ice and especially the difference between oxygen and carbon dioxide and water. I mean this to me is a great example of how it’s intelligent people that question things and think critically and it’s the one that don’t know the difference between the air they breathe and the air they let out that ridicule us regarding our intelligence. You know it’s people like yourself that follow the Hitlers of the world blindly. Why is it so bad to question things, to ask for the validity of things, to know that no system incorruptible and that absolute power corrupts absolutely and therefore in that understanding be on guard of not letting it happen; especially since the US presents itself as absolute authority over the world.

      • Jeff says:

        Shut up you idiot. Im scared we have close minded fools like you that will be leading the chemistry field. Idiot

    • Sarah says:

      I said “I know dry ice is carbon dioxide and not water.” So obviously I know the difference. You said sublimation can’t occur unless in a vacuum. I didn’t know you were trying to differentiate between compounds.

    • Dear lord, are you serious? I hope to God you’re kidding that you’re in your last year and don’t know that ice can sublimate at a vast range of temperatures and pressures. The triple point and phase transitions are simply when ALL of a substance will change phase.

      You know, like how *evaporation* is the phase change of water into vapor at temperatures WAY below its “boiling point” at 1ATM?

      You know, like how *vapor pressure* is an important concept? How the partial pressure of H20 vapor in the surrounding air is what matters?

      You know, how ice cubes shrink over time in the freezer?

      Do you really not know all this? I don’t think you’re lying about your credentials, which makes me TERRIFIED about university students today.

      • Thank you. I have been reading this comments section for days and despairing. I am starting to realize that paranoid ignorance will be the end of the Republic.

      • Greg, I’ve found that it takes only one voice to redeem a crowd of crazies. Remember that.

        Case in point: two days ago, my car battery is dead on a street in a big city. I open my hood and stand in the street with jumper cables in my hands gesturing to every slow passing car (every couple seconds) for a jump. After 15 minutes, I am despairing for humanity. But once the one man stops his truck to jump me, I realize I love everyone in the city again.

      • Arguing about the science and physics is not necessary. Cloud seeding/chemtrail programs exist all around the country. They use chemtrails for weather modification, it only makes sense that the materials they use will be in the snow that is created.
        To simplify, here is just one agency out of 1000′s that participate in the weather modification that takes place globally,
        Why would the materials they use not be in the snow?
        Whether the snow melts with flame or not is irrelevant.
        Fact is they are Geo-engineering snow and have been for decades.

      • Cecilia says:

        You said it yourself- “over time”. Everything reaches a certain level of equilibrium over time. Water steams, losses mass as liquid when it’s not boiling, but not to an appreciable degree. I know about partial pressures and that sublimation can occur at a large P/T range, but not to an appreciable amount- ie 1/3 of a snowball mass. Does your ice cube do that in 3 min? No. But! Oh right but it’s a lighter! Much higher temperature! That must change it all? No. It does not. Even that rise in temp. like that will not cause appreciable sublimation of ice.

        I am TERRIFIED that you believe 5 min on the internet is more valuable than 4 years of chemistry class. I applaud your skepticism, but one cannot argue science. You cannot politicize something that is irrefutable.

    • following up on this because it’s disturbing that an architect is teaching a chemistry major chemistry, but…

      from the FIRST paragraph of wikipedia on sublimation:

      “So, all solids that possess an appreciable vapor pressure at a certain temperature usually can sublimate in air (e.g., water ice just below 0 °C).”


      • Cecilia says:

        You’re just an architect. Stop playing “scientist for a day” and using Wikipedia. Please do not argue chemistry with me. Beware! I may have already TA’d your children the liberal propaganda of true science!

  • noah says:

    so why is it for hundreds of years people have been melting snow whit fire to make drinking water with out the smell of burning plastic and with out it vaporizing and why is it that i could melt snow like this last year and why does snow taste like shit unlike last year and how much did the government pay you to make this video

  • Sarah says:

    People don’t understand something and they immediately blame the government. It’s like people blaming ghosts for strange sounds they hear. Ignorance of science doesn’t make the government immediately guilty of something. I’m kind of nervous at the level of paranoia in this country. Believe me, I have a lot of issues with the government. But why on earth would they be bio-engineering snow? To give children more snow delays? AHA I’ve got it!! The government doesn’t want our children to be educated so that they are more easily corrupted! Therefore they MADE snow so that we would have more snow cancellations and disrupted schedules and they wouldn’t learn as much!! MWAHAHAHA! Oh wait. I have that wrong. It’s the people who think the government is making snow who are the uneducated ones.

    • Lilia says:

      There are many reasons why people do bad things. I take for example where I work as a microcosm example the world at large. I work for a non profit agency geared at providing services to primarily underprivileged populations. In this organization which is supposed to focus on helping people and honestly not a place of prestige; in the grand scheme of things even the big bosses themselves are of little influence in the world. Yet this is the third organization that I have worked for that the same theme of corruption unveils. The things that go on with Directors and administrators and the abuse of power and the intimidation and control is frightening. I mean I was even made aware of a Director investigating who whistle blowed in order to fire that person…illegal yes, but it happens quite more often that we want to believe and because of intimidation and fear of repercussions no one stands up and non one defends the person that its happening to because we go into protecting ourselves. So I use this as an example where people start out with good intentions and then go into a position of power and start doing things that are corrupt, why? I can present many psychological explanations but at the end of the day that is besides the point. The point is that it happens, and if it happens in a small community agency that is for helping people then why is it not safe to question whether it happens to one of the biggest and most powerful institutions there is. I agree that once we become aware of this fact, fear can for a while make us question a little to much and although a normal reaction can make us look overly paranoid. But I end with this last thought for contemplation….why in just a small span of time, let’s say in the last 30 years but exponentially within the last 10 yrs has things like cancer and autism and other chronic health conditions gone from rare to almost expected. What has has changed, what new added and or increased variables could attest to this? This is simple logic. Well our foods have changed more chemicals have been added; the use of processed foods have increased, more medications are being prescribed, vaccines have multiplied. We should be able to and live in a country where things can be questioned because once we just accept things blindly then the powers that be will decide for us.

    • Lilia says:

      Also BTW not that I think the snow was so that kids didn’t go to schoo and yes I know that it was a joke. But the American educational system is now way below many third world countries. I forgot what number we were on but it was really bad. If I was a mastermind with to much money and to much time on my hands to think about ways to rule the world, the educational system and food system would be my top two choices. You dumb down the population, you get a lot of people that don’t do critical thinking and therefore don’t question the choices of the system, and by default and without a fight you gain absolute control. I mean it’s genius but it’s hard for so many of us to think that any would even contemplate this because we have a conscious. I am a therapist, not all antisocial personality disorders are serial killers actually the majority are the people that run things; like CEO’s, like politicians. If I was antisocial personality with money and education I would be a politician – I would be the law. They succeed because the lack of conscious removes the barriers of caring about how their will to succeed effects others. The majority of people because of a conscious if given a choice would consciously or unconsciously decide to perhaps not profit as much in order to cause no harm. The truth is that this is a diagnosis that we accept but we don’t attribute to people in power.

    • It’s not Bio-Engineering, it is Geo-Engineering, and our wonderful Government is spreading aluminum particulate and barium particulate in the atmosphere
      to control “global warming”

    • dodge1111 says:

      Why not question what is happening? I can think of a good reason as to why a government might manufacture snow…I think we all saw that 1-2″ of snow in Atlanta, Georgia crippled the city in the matter of 8 hours. People couldn’t commute, hundreds of cars were stalled out (ran out of gas) on the interstate and just left there. Schools were shut down, businesses shut down in essence life was shut down. What a PERFECT way to control a mass population of people and keep them from leaving a city? When is the last time it snowed in Georgia? I’m from Montana and we have essentially had fall & spring type weather. This has been one of the mildest winters that I recall EVER! I think it’s wise to at least have questions and become a member of a massive herd of liberal sheep. In the end it will be all those “stupid tea party members” who will not be blindly following the pied piper (aka U.S. government). I wonder at that point in time if they will still be praising the US Govt and thanking it for all that government cheese they sustained themselves on?

  • S Williams says:

    I live in Norfolk, VA and before this storm chemtrails were heavy over Virginia Beach. Grew up in Amelia County as a child, and we could be out in it for hours. This snow is different and it is way colder. Same night this story originally came out,2 nights prior to this mythbusting so-called experiment. We tested it ourselves and it doesn’t melt to a liquid form, instead it DOES smell like a styroform cup burning. So to those blind and believe in government, false media then test it yourselves. This wasn’t just tested by blacks in southern states, as story implied by only showing 2 videos from blacks but there are whites in the know who also did videos. Use YOUR brain instead of believing what media tell you.

    • I live on the West coast. I have been watching the weather modification programs being sprayed overhead for years. Most interesting is that they spray here and you guys end up with record breaking hurricanes and tornado’s from the systems they seeded here. I think that the cloud seeding programs have caused catastrophic weather on the East coast. They build up storms out west and by they time they blow east they are monster storms.

  • Danielle says:

    I live in Montana and was curious about this so I tested our snow (and an ice cube as one video showed a guy also trying an ice cube, which melted but also scorched). Our snow sublimates (just disappears), but way more rapidly then the videos I’ve seen, and DOESN’T TURN BLACK!!! Our ice cubes just melt and also don’t turn black. So I have no idea whether it’s pollution similar to acid rain or the conspiracy theories are right, but what you all are seeing is not normal snow. I also compacted the snow and used a butane lighter like the people in the videos. It had no smell aside from the lighter smell, which isn’t in my opinion at all like burning plastic. And you can test that by just burning the lighter vs. burning the snow with the lighter. Therefore, it’s possible that this phenomena is caused by pollution (like acid rain), but that still denotes a pretty major issue (we don’t pretend acid rain is normal!). Snow in Montana (and I live in one of the bigger towns, with a major industry of logging that has caused some issues with pollution before, for what it’s worth – I’m not in the middle of nowhere), sublimates with absolutely no scorch marks nor the smell of plastic. It stays bright white, and disappears more rapidly than it does in the videos here. In addition, our ice cubes do not scorch and melt. They stay crystal clear and melt. This stuff is disgusting whatever is causing it!!!

    • dodge1616 says:

      I also live in Montana and achieved the same results…no black on snow or ice. It does cause me to have questions. The black has to be air pollution.

  • Sarah says:

    I tried this a couple hours ago in Pennsylvania. The snow sublimated but I didn’t see any scorch marks. And it just smelled like lighter fluid. Hmmm.

  • Amanda says:

    My family and I live in thornton, colorado and it did the same thing over here. Same in ohio. Its for real its the smoke that comes out of the plane in the sky. Thats chemicals. Its for real. Dont believe anything then try it yourself.

  • EXPLAIN the DENSITY difference ,its slightly thicker than water from the faucet, EXPLAIN the RESIDUE left after what little water melts is evaporated, EXPLAIN the SMELL after it is burned with various flames, the smell is the same burnt plastic, whether butane , match , candle flame.

  • Smashley says:

    Tried this in Maryland, smells like burning plastic, not like lighter fluid. Certainly not normal. And in regards to so-called chem trails, I haven’t the slightest what they may be or why they may be BUT what I do know is that those stripes I see in the sky are not natural, period. AND It is a worldwide occurrence, not just here in the US. Anyone who does not question the unusual trails in the sky is simply unaware of their surroundings. Whether or not those trails have to do with the snow, I haven’t the slightest, and a slim minority would be privy to that info. I think it’s silly that some individuals wholly trust that the Government or any other private parties for that matter will not lie to the general public. If only…

    • Those “chemtrails” are actually called CONTRAILS. I guess somebody misheard the real name and jumped to some crazy paranoid conclusion that for some reason caught on.
      Contrails form when water vapor condenses around the particles that come out of jet engines — the exhaust. Just like when on cold days your car’s tailpipe puffs “smoke,” except that a jet’s exhaust sometimes forms clouds in straight lines because it’s high in sky and that’s where clouds happen.
      There have been contrails in the sky since I was a little boy 40 years ago. There are more now because there are more jets now. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s just an airplane flying people you might know to visit families in Denver or sales conferences in Vegas.

      • You need to get up to speed. Agency’s all over the country have webpages about their spraying programs. Cloudseeding=Chemtrails. Some of the agencies even have material data sheet listing the CHEMICALS they use. It’s no secret.

      • Contrails dissipate as the plane moves away.. chem-trails on the other hand linger and spread. There is a major difference.

  • Joe Wiley says:

    I live in ohio and I just tried this if you put the flame next to it and let the radiant heat do the work it melts and water comes out of it just my opinion you hold the flame on something cool it acts as a heat sink and absorbes the heat the black is nothing more than soot from the flame

  • Since they do use use chemicals to seed the clouds, why would the chemicals they use not be in the snow?

  • Jenny says:

    I’m sure there is something in the snow. Anybody remember those pesky oil sspills and the dispersants they used to try to keep them from reaching shore, which turned out to be 52% more toxic than the oil itself? Anybody heard of Monsanto? And what is snow? Evaporated water. So yes, the snow probably is just as full of nasty chemicals as most lakes, rivers, oceans. . . You can’t pass the blame to some government conspiracy on this one, folks. It’s us. We’re doing it.

  • T Sweeney says:

    Now you know just how “cleanly” those butane lighters burn.

    You should see the even worse mess that birthday cake candles make in their exhaust.

  • Ryan Griffiths says:

  • Judith Bartlett says:

    And you sound anxious Greg that your comfortable view of the world is being challenged and that things may have changed since 40 years ago and not always in healthy ways… there is a HUGE amount of info on the internet nowadays, please check it out before you make categorical statements about what is true or not
    Maybe have a look at this link, please: (unfortunate name of website but interesting info)
    Best of luck to you too, and to all of us

    • Indeed. Obviously I hope you are wrong. (I know you are, actually.) True, if you are right we have a lot of problems that need addressing; it’s just that I think we have lots of actual problems to address without making up batsh*t crazy imaginary ones. My two cents.

  • tom says:

    you know why you CANT BE right? The same lighter can’t evaporate a drop of water from the sink, yet you believe its hot enough for sublimation which requires more heat than evaporation….your schooled son

  • Dan says:

    Some people are dumb, didn’t any of you ever take a science class? This stuff is obvious.

  • Sherry says:

    The snow that does fall is toxic. There are numerous lab tests to confirm that the same highly toxic heavy metals named as primary elements in geoengineering patents are being found in this “artificially nucleated” snow. This poisons the air, soils and waters.
    Test the snow in several states to see what it contains. And if you find no toxic materials in it then you should post a story on it. Otherwise you did nothing to debunk. You do what too many today call journalism, when in fact it is indeed misleading and false. Only a puppet or troll would do that. Hope the money is worth losing your soul for!

  • carie says:

    Please check out…
    It’s CHEMICALLY NUCLEATED SNOW.The government “sock puppets” ARE LYING. PERIOD. We are reaching critical mass with awareness of this—don’t let the self-serving fake “de-bunkers” sway what you know in your gut is true…THINK FOR YOURSELF AND DO THE RESEARCH.

  • paulie says:

    My brother tried burning snow in N.J. with a lighter. GUESS WHAT???? IT MELTED!!!! THERE WAS WATER ALL OVER HIS TABLE!!!! Didn’t dissolve like in the video, it didn’t smell and it didn’t turn black!!!! PUT THAT IN YOUR SNOW PIPE AND SMOKE IT DEBUNKERS!!!

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