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Contractor pleads guilty to ripping off homeowners

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LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -A local contractor whose business practices prompted both a warning from the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's Office investigation pleaded guilty Thursday to accepting an Advance Payment and not Performing Construction.

Following the plea, a Louisa County judge sentenced David Isom to 10 years in prison. The judge then suspended all but six months of that sentence.

Isom will also serve three years supervised probation after his six-month prison term.

Several of Isom's clients from around metro-Richmond accused of the contractor of taking their money, but not completing their home improvement projects.

While some past charges against Isom have been dismissed and he has paid back some of his other accusers, the Louisa homeowner involved in Thursday's case said he recovered $20,000 from a state recovery fund set-up to assist victims of contractor-related crimes.

Isom once owned the now defunct Old Richmond Exteriors LLC.


  • sw

    I’m sorry but 6 months in jail is nothing more than a slap on the wrist. When are the judges in Virginia going to actually grow some b)a)lls and send a strong message to all criminals.

  • Ed

    Look at his record, he has pages of suits, detainers, civil actions against him. I agree with SW, it is a shame the judges only has him serving 6 months of a 10 year sentence. He will be out in time to screw others by year end. If you look at the current judgments against him, he should be in there for at least 10 years.

  • sw

    Thank you Ed. This gets so frustrating when they slap them on the wrist and the next thing you see is they have screwed someone else. I don’t understand these light sentences. How do these judges sleep at night?

  • Jeffrey May

    The problem here is not the judge, it’s the law. Intent has to be proven and it’s tough to prove. If a contractor does anything to fulfill a contract, he can easily state he “intended” to fulfill the contract. Thus, in this case, a plea was negotiated and presented to the judge. The judge simply agreed to the terms. I liked the result because the 10 year sentence means if he screws over another person in this manner, he will serve this 10 year sentence and face 20 more. Additionally, if you go to the Henrico County Jail website and search for Dave W. Isom, you will see that he will be in jail until the end of 2015 for various other charges. He is only a con man and as long as he is kept from conning others, I believe he should be allowed to fight for survival in the real world rather than get a free meal behind bars. For future homeowners, the lesson here is to stop believing that civil suits matter and pursue criminal charges. If anyone reading this was screwed over by Isom in the last two years, you can still pursue criminal charges.

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