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Coldest morning in five years

Jan. 30 It appears to be about -2 in Shacklefords! (PHOTO: Rene Creasy)

Jan. 30 It appears to be about -2 in Shacklefords! (PHOTO: Rene Creasy)

Fresh snow cover, clear skies and light winds allowed temperatures to fall to their coldest levels in about five years across much of the area.  Locations like Emporia, Danville, Lynchburg and Norfolk set new record lows for this date.  The normal low for this date is in the upper 20s.

Here is a sampling of low temperatures across Virginia:

  • -11°   Carson
  •  -7°   Wakefield
  •  -6°   Purdy
  •  -4°   Ammon, Emporia
  •  -2°   Tappahannock, Clarksville, Howerton, Norfolk, Ft. Mitchell, Cornwall
  •  -1°   West Point, Remlik, Garysville, Virginia Beach, New Kent
  •   0°    Matoaca, Crozier, Kenbridge, Blackstone, Erica
  •    1°   Dinwiddie, Beaverdam, Sandston, Louisa, Lottsburg, Scotland, South Hill
  •    2°   Emporia, Lightfoot, Harcum, York Terrace, Zion Crossroads
  •    3°   Colonial Heights, Farmville, Ashland, Lynchburg, Short Pump, Culpeper
  •    4°   RIC, Petersburg, Bottoms Bridge, White Stone, Wilton
  •    5°   Tuckahoe, Charlottesville, Elam
  •    6°   Norfolk
  •    7°   Williamsburg
  •    9°   Downtown RVA

Additional temperatures from other cities can be found here and here (you may need to hit previous bulletin at the bottom of the page).

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    • Tomas Checkosky

      I love hearing “back in my day” stories. Just not entirely truthful. There has not been a warmer winter since the 1950s (!).True in the 60’s the temps trended cooler, however it was MUCH colder between 1975-1980 while the 1930’s were so warm that Al Gore and his ilk would be calling for the apocalypse! Climate goes in cycles, there is no warming, there is no bloody climate change. You cannot take something that is over 4 billion years old and compare 100 years of data against it and say we’re going to burn! Look for yourselves:

  • Blackbeered

    This is what happens when women rise to power and influence … a nation of “Busters” … or, for those who haven’t seen “Arrested Development”, a nation of wooses.

    “Cold” is now defined as anything less than 32F; it’s a calamity when snow is even forecast; “how could the teacher GIVE my Johnny a “C”.

    The young men have been emasculated … and seem to like it.

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