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Snowfall distribution: last week vs this week

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Last week’s snowfall was caused by a clipper system.  It moved in from the west, went across the state, and then exited to the northeast.  This week’s snowfall was caused by a storm system off the southeastern United States coast, and Virginia was on the northwestern edge of it.

Last week, a general 1-3″ snowfall hit a good portion of the state.  Some sections to the west and southwest had some reports of less than an inch, and eastern sections of the state saw heavier totals thanks to some enhancement from the Bay and ocean.

snow jan 21 2014

(snowfall map courtesy of the National Weather Service, Wakefield)


This week, the heaviest snowfall occurred in southeastern Virginia, which was closest to the storm system.  Available moisture, very cold temperatures and proximity to the storm all combined to produce local 10″+ totals.   A concentrated 1-4″ total was found for central and eastern parts of the viewing area, while some western cities saw very little snowfall.

snow jan 29 2014

(snowfall map courtesy of the National Weather Service, Wakefield)