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WEATHER: Bitter cold coming, but will it snow?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - A winter storm warning is in effect for much of the Hampton Roads area Tuesday into Wednesday morning, with a winter weather advisory for a row or two of counties north and west of the warning area.

Arctic air will continue to move into the Commonwealth tonight, with bitterly cold air in place on Tuesday.

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Upper-level energy will increase Tuesday morning, with low pressure developing off the North Carolina/Virginia coast Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Heavy snow will be likely across far southeast Virginia, with a dramatic drop off in snow totals over a short distance to the north and west.

The track of this system will be critical to snowfall totals, and any shift east or west will have huge implications on what we see. I'll continue to dissect subsequent model data, and will have updates for you here and on CBS 6.

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  • david

    well I guess school will be out in Henrico or at least delayed because it’s cold.The next generation of big sissy’s is coming.

  • Glen Allen

    david – It is not just Henrico, it is all over, and it is not that the children cannot hack it, the problem is that school systems are deathly afraid of how the media will perceive decisions made about sending kids to school when weather conditions are less than ideal. It would seem that if they developed, and published, strict standards on weather delays/cancellations, the decisions would be easier to make, and better received by all. Obviously there would be exceptions, but it would be far less of a guessing game than it is now.

  • french

    why cant you put jackets, hats, and gloves on the kids and send them out to the bus stop 5 minutes before the buses come. Back in the 80’s we went to school when it was cold and it was a lot colder back in the 80’s than now. The county is scared that a mother will bring up a law suit saying that it was too cold for her child at the bus stop. When they do get to school they don’t go into class they will hang out on the sidewalk talking to friends when it is cold. So what is the difference?

    • nateog

      you know it. saying it’s too cold to go to school is absurd. i think channel 6 published the chart saying how cold it has to be before it is dangerous and we never get to that point. when it snows, most kids go outside and play in the freezing snow, so i know they can take 5 minutes waiting at the bus stop. and on top of that, half the kids don’t even wear winter coats and end up wearing shorts a lot of the times.

  • Harry from Hunton

    It’s 60 degree now in Hunton! Thanks for the great forecast once again! Hahahaha! Your forecast high was 48!

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