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Democrats take control of State Senate after recount

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Senator-elect Lynwood Lewis

Virginia Democrats officially have control of the State Senate.

Delegate Lynwood Lewis Junior has won the recount for the Hampton Roads Senate seat that became vacant after Democrat Ralph Northam was elected to serve as Lt. Governor. Included in this district are parts of Norfolk, Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore.

Lewis beat his Republican challenger Wayne Coleman by just nine votes in a special election. After the recount, Lewis’ lead grew to 11 points.

The victory means Democrat legislation is now more likely to pass the Senate, although Republicans continue to hold a strong majority in the state House of Delegates.

In a separate special election, Democrats also kept the Northern Virginia seat previously held by Attorney General Mark R. Herring.

Lieutenant Governor Northam issued a statement congratulating Senator-elect Lewis after the recount, and also thanking all election officials and volunteers that participated in the recount process.

“I look forward to the Sixth District being represented by Senator-elect Lewis and, again, I congratulate him and am looking forward to his joining the Senate, Northam wrote.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe also issued a statement congratulating Lewis, and commending “Wayne Coleman for participating in this process with professionalism and respect.”

“I am glad that the process of filling each vacant seat in the General Assembly is now complete and I look forward to working with Lynwood and members of both parties in the General Assembly to tackle the challenges facing Virginia’s economy and communities,” McAuliffe said.

The Commonwealth state-wide elections were not with a recount either. Attorney General candidate Mark Obenshain (R – Virginia) conceded the Virginia Attorney General race to Democrat Mark Herring more than a month after the election.


  • Becky

    Alrighty then. Time for actual accountability to the responsibility
    of Democratic Law Makers who tend to run, hide, escape, evade,
    and blame everyone else for what they do. They wanted to
    Govern and Won. Let’s actually SEE governance by government
    standards, constraints, restraints, and legislated process procedures.

  • Clayton Ramey

    It will be a pleasure to have an honest, straight forward, knowledgeable Governor. Virginia is a great place to live..

    • BrokenVetGulf1 (@brokenvet72)

      are you on drugs? The Commonwealth of Virginia has decided they want to lurch to the left. This state is now going to be severely impacted by left wing leeches. It’s time for ALL people that are liberty minded to leave the state. All producers, leave the state. It’s not worth defending anymore.

    • D = C. Always has. Always will. Socialism is a matter of degree.

      Tell me, Ramey, did your parents have any human children? Or did you go to Richmond Public Schools? McAwful, honest? Got koolaid there Party Comrade?

  • Becky

    Does this mean they will Stop BLAMING everyone but themselves.
    Does this mean they will actually Stand Up, Man Up, Fess Up, and
    Grow UP to actually face responsibility and accountability for their
    own deliberately purposed actions, decisions, and life style choices?
    NOPE! Not Gonna happen, ever, at local, state, or Federal echelons.
    Obama, McAuliffe, Herring, Jones. Nope; not them. Not ever.

  • D = C. Always has. Always will. Socialism is a matter of degree.

    Can you say voter fraud? Yes, yes you can. Where ever the Party Comrades gather, the Boss Tweed style of government is not far behind. Obama lies. McAwful lies. We are in evil times when the socialists are in charge. Comrade Herring thinks that AG is the judiciary. Be afraid Virginians. Be very afraid. They play and you pay.

  • troye

    time to earn more to give away more to those who choose to sit around with their hands out.I dont owe but off to work I go,because you wont.your welcome

  • Greatman

    Surely, we are gonna have the same political impasse in Virginia like the one in the US Congress! As long as we’ve Retardlicans controlling any house, we’ve no progress. BTW, those who are not happy with the current Virginia political set up, head further south. Come back in 2278 when probably we would have ascended to heaven.

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