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Taylor Swift’s dance moves draw attention at Grammys

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LOS ANGELES (WTVR) – If you were watching the Grammys Sunday night, you probably noticed the frequent camera pans to country singer Taylor Swift during the night’s top performances.

Twitter users poked fun at Swift for her dance moves throughout the night, starting with Beyonce’s performance with Jay-Z.

Later, cameras also caught Swift dancing along to the collaboration between rap artist Kendrick Lamar and rock group Imagine Dragons, one of the most talked about performances of the night.

Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say:


  • Brian

    You have to be mean if you don’t want Taylor Swift to dance at award shows. She’s having fun. People should leave her alone. She’s probably the biggest music fan in the world. Better to be like she is than some boring singer who sits like a lump and acts like the people on stage suck.

  • dide

    Taylor is the 1st to admit she is a dorky dancer but she loves to dance to good music. She got past being insecure about not being good and just dances because she enjoys it.She tells her fans to dance and ignore the haters and bullies who make fun of people that aren’t great dancers and just have fun.

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