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Family: Morgan Harrington’s killer still free 4 years after murder

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WTVR) -- Sunday marked the fourth anniversary of the day Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington's body was found on a farm. The college student had been missing for about four months.

While attending an on-campus concert at the University of Virginia in October of 2009, the 20-year-old disappeared.

During the opening act, Harrington told friends she was going to the restroom. When she did not return, her friends called her anxiously. Harrington told them due to the venue's 'no re-entry' policy that she couldn't get back in and would find a way home.

Some witnesses claim to have seen her hitch-hiking on Copeley Road around 9:30 p.m. after leaving the arena that night.

Morgan's parents were at the Copeley Road bridge on the north grounds of UVA to honor and remember their daughter on Sunday.

The Harrington's took the opportunity to remind CBS 6 and the Charlottesville community that Morgan's murderer remains at large.

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  • A thought

    Has anyone gone back and shown the old mugshot of Glen Godwin to the main suspect’s previous victim in Fairfax? One witness says that her stalker was in the backseat of the suspected New Jersey car, and that he looks very similar to the FBI most-wanted fugitive Glen Godwin but is too short to be the same man.

    So, has anyone showed the previous victim a mugshot of Glen Godwin and asked her if she remembers anyone like that? She did say that her rapist originally was standing with “friends” just before he snatched her off of the street. Did one of his “friends” resemble Glen Godwin? Just wondering if we have the same team of predators or if he finds different accomplices each time.

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