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The racy photos that may cost this teacher’s aide her job

FITCHBURG, Mass. (WTVR) – A Boston-area teacher’s aide was put on paid administrative leave after the school system that hired her was tipped off about modeling photos she posted online, according to a report on the WBZ News website.

“She’s got the biggest heart in the world. I just don’t want her heart harden,” Chuck Pearson told WBZ about his daughter Kaitlin. “She loved it [her teaching job]. Every day she told me what she accomplished in the day with the children.”

Kaitlin was placed on leave after someone anonymously sent Pearson’s modeling photos to Boston media and her school bosses.

The school system said its background check covered criminal activity, but not social media postings. The superintendent told WBZ he put Kaitlin on leave to ensure student safety while the school system investigates the matter.

“I’ve seen the pictures of her Facebook and everything and I told her to be careful,” Chuck Pearson said. “Social media today can be extremely dangerous.”

Click here to read more on the WBZ News website.


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