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The racy photos that may cost this teacher’s aide her job

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FITCHBURG, Mass. (WTVR) – A Boston-area teacher’s aide was put on paid administrative leave after the school system that hired her was tipped off about modeling photos she posted online, according to a report on the WBZ News website.

“She’s got the biggest heart in the world. I just don’t want her heart harden,” Chuck Pearson told WBZ about his daughter Kaitlin. “She loved it [her teaching job]. Every day she told me what she accomplished in the day with the children.”

Kaitlin was placed on leave after someone anonymously sent Pearson’s modeling photos to Boston media and her school bosses.

The school system said its background check covered criminal activity, but not social media postings. The superintendent told WBZ he put Kaitlin on leave to ensure student safety while the school system investigates the matter.

“I’ve seen the pictures of her Facebook and everything and I told her to be careful,” Chuck Pearson said. “Social media today can be extremely dangerous.”

Click here to read more on the WBZ News website.


  • TJ

    What the problem with the modeling photos that she has on her facebook(i assume) possibly costing this aide her job and how is it affecting students safety?? It’s not like she’s going into the school dressed that way. school systems honestly need to tighten up and I really hope this does not cost her her position as a school aide.

  • Gabrielle Hart

    So…It is not ok for teachers to be models, but its ok for the other adults in your childs life to enjoy their spare time? I mean her aunts, sisters, BABYSITTERs and you think none of them have ever taken a glamour shot??

  • M.L. Adams

    If she’s not re-instated, the local school district is going to be coughing up big bucks, and rightfully so!

  • Martha

    In Hopwell she would lose a minimum wage job! That is just plain sad to me! These people work their butts off each day! Let her sue go back and get a degree, hop full one that pays decent and where someone can figure out Facebook is really not a place for a school district to bother with!!

  • Fredrick Vidal

    Puritanical viewpoints continue to wreak havoc on America! People are put on leave for this type of thing with no explanation. -Or if one exists it’s always something to the effect of “this behavior is not appropriate for a representative of this organisation.” The sad news is that the photos would have never been made public had it not been for the sexually maladjusted school official who did the firing.

  • Ken C

    Growing up in Fairfax I had a math teacher in the eighth grade who had been in Playboy’s, Girls Of The Big Ten when she was in college. A fellow student brought in the copy of the magazine and showed it to her and she autographed the photos, and then he showed it to all of us, end of story. Everyone knew about it everyone saw the photos and life went on. The only thing that changed was that we now knew what she looked like and didn’t have to imagine it any more.

    • Steve

      I had almost exactly the same situation. English teacher. Beautiful highly intellectual woman. Every Sophomore boys fantasy. We all saw her Playboy pics. Someone would bring it in every few years. It was what it was. She was sill highly respected for her teaching skills and intellect. Life went on. This was around 1980. The pictures were from the late 60’s. I loved that teacher.
      This was in a small rural town. Seems like the Puritans are getting worse these days. They are making America far worse with these ridiculous attitudes and high horse self-righteousness. People need to stand up against them, and support this teachers aide. She has nothing to apologize for, much less get fired over!

  • Gregory Nuckols

    While many assertions have been made that the cause of this woman’s problem is puritanical viewpoints or Christian values there are no facts presented to substantiate those claims. A free society will, by its very nature, attract many different viewpoints and sets of values. That is a good thing. The villain here is government. No cultural or religious prejudice suspended her employment. It was a School Board. A government entity.

  • Lyn Anderson

    Quite the investigative reporters you have there. She’s had a freakin’ model “fan page” for a long time. You are either incredibly naive to not realize that you’ve been suckered into her publicity campaign or chose to play along for page views.

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