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BAD LIP READING: What are NFL players and coaches really saying?

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RICHMOND — Do you ever wonder what NFL players and coaches are saying to each other on the sidelines? The folks at Bad Lip Reading are hear to help.

A fresh episode of the viral video series takes on the NFL — and no star is safe.

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  • airjackie

    A great game between 49’ers and Seahawks but all the Media talked about was Richard Sherman’s trash talk. I notice ESPN never mentioned how Sherman congratulated a 49er on a great catch but the 49er pushed him off as Sherman just smiled and walked away. But as many sports reporters look differently at players who can trash talk and who can’t. As wise teacher said use your words and Sherman did as he explained to some uneducated reporters what thug means and how it seems they never call Hockey players thugs. Things were much better when minority players were not educated and the myth would stick. Sherman now experience what Jackie Robinson felt in 1947. Some things have not changed in 66 years. The good news is how the players get along with each other and race isn’t an issue. I came from a football, basketball, boxing family and nothing has changed with the players it’s country that is going backward.

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