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Mom wants to know why Henrico students won’t be back at school Monday

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Click to see latest snow closings and delays

Click to see latest snow closings and delays

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – Thousands of students who’ve been off all week due to snow and icy roads will get another day off this coming Monday — six days after Tuesday’s snowfall.

Henrico County has a Parent-Teacher Conference Day scheduled Monday, that means no class for students who were last in school Jan. 17 (students were off Monday, Jan. 20 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day).

Chesterfield County decided to cancel Monday’s scheduled day off and bring students back to class. Henrico decided not to do that.

“Can someone please explain to me why Henrico County Schools are still closed on Monday for a teacher workday when they [teachers] have reported to work for the last two days?” CBS 6 Facebook friend Mekka M. asked on the WTVR CBS 6 Facebook page. “As a single parent, I can’t afford to miss anymore time from work or to keep paying for daycare.”

We took Mekka’s question to Henrico County Schools spokesman Andy Jenks.

“We know from experience that many parents make a variety of plans for those student holidays (out of town trips, routine appointments, etc.), and we think it’s best if we allow those plans to remain intact,” Jenks said about the decision to keep Monday a student holiday. “Our instructional days in Henrico are longer than what is required by the state. So, we have a tremendous amount of banked instructional time. We’d have to be off another two weeks before we’d have to seriously consider what’s known as a ‘make-up day.'”

So there you go Mekka. Hope that helps.


    • Mekka

      this issue to having to take six vacation days from work or pay for daycare (which is not cheap). It’s only January and as of Monday, I will used six vacation days due to snow or teacher work days.

      • Pam

        It’s YOUR kid… one ever said having children is easy or inexpensive. Why doesn’t the child’s father help out? The child is his responsibility too.

  • loritannre

    Henrico county schools think they are god and really need to getover themselves.a lot they do is for the staffs sake NOT the the students…a real shame

    • NannieBee

      First of all the schools can’t help if it snows. The school buses have to go down a lot of back roads and this can be dangerous. What do these parents not have a back-up plan if school closes? Henrico has a great school system and if you don’t thinks so then try other counties and then compare and let me know how that’s working for ya.

      • william

        the complaint wasn’t about snow days but on the un needed planning day Monday the 27th when students have been out for more than a week and teachers had plenty of time for planning.

  • troy watts

    Henrico schools have fallen apart under the new leaders and teachers who are in it for a pay check not the kids and parents who cannot raise their children to respect others.Having said that ,where’s dad in this story?Sounds like this lady just uses school as a free day care service and parents like her are part of the problem today with our crappy schools.Henrico schools use to be a good safe place to send our kids,anybody wanna guess what happen?

    • Kristin

      You know, school *is* free day care, with the added bonus of the government says kids HAVE to be there.

      We don’t know why dad can’t take the kids, but there are any number of reasons. Many of them involve Dad not being around, and many of *those* are not the mom’s fault at all. Some of those leave Mom as the sole source of income.

      For a single-income family to have to take six unexpected days off or pay for unexpected daycare, that creates a major financial strain on the family. Mom has a right to ask, and the schools have a right to say “A lot of our families make plans for three-day weekends and we don’t want to interfere with those, since we don’t have to make up days yet.”

      (Send some of those days to my district; we don’t have even ONE emergency day planned!)

      • tasha

        Um…. I had to pay $105 for my child to enter middle school this year. I pay taxes to live in Henrico just like everyone else. That’s why if you live in the city you cannot go to Henrico County taxes to pay these incompetent teachers ( Not all of them are though) so School is hardly free.

    • Monet

      You are really disrespectful. If you went to Henrico Schools, you would see that they aren’t “in it for the money”. There are teachers who stay after school, come before school, and also give their money to some of us. Also, there are people in Central Office who I know, personally, care about the students and not just the money because these employees do not make that much. The fact that the father is not in the story is not her fault. My father was in my life for 12 years and stopped being active in it at random. It’s not her fault if the father is not there. My mother was lucky that I was old enough to take care of my brother when my father left because if not, she would be facing the same problem, but with two children. So let’s not be judgmental and jump on her for being upset about something she has every right to be upset about. It’s not your place. And I pay my taxes and I’m sure she does as well, therefore, no, it is not free daycare, she pays for it. It may be indirect, but she does pay for it.

  • Sharon Payne

    nateog -Everyone pays taxes. None of us gets to choose where that money is spent.
    Taking six days off might cost someone their job. A lot of people have been reduced to part time and don’t have the luxury of vacation days. For a single parent missing six days salary or paying six extra full days of daycare could be financially disastrous.

  • Demetria

    I think it is horrible because when a person starts a new job they are on probation and are allowed 10 days. When the school is closed for bs… that makes is hard for any parent single or married.

  • Daveingoochland

    Can we please not assume Dads are not taking part in snowday coverage?? I find it rather appalling that people automatically assume Moms are the only ones that get the short end of the stick. To you single Moms out there, you know what’s real and you deal with it. If there’s a Dad not helping, thats a shame, but if they aren’t helping, then chanced are their help msy not be wanted either.

  • Brigitt

    People are so ignorant!! There could be a number of reasonable explanations why the father is unable to help, he could be military and deployed, maybe hes abusive, in jail, walked out on them, or even worse maybe he is deceased. This also goes the same for single fathers. Being a single parent i understand her frustration, but I also see Henrico County’s point of view as well.

  • Cindy

    I am a parent and my children attend the Henrico schools, I am glad they kept Monday an off day. I use those days for appointments for my children so they won’t miss school. I schedule appoints way ahead of time just for that reason, so for a working mom I count on those days, Henrico is doing an excellent job.

  • k curry

    I sit here in amazement of what people are saying about the school closings. They are complaining they had to pay an extra $100 for child care, or had to take “their” time off their job, and what an “inconvenience” it has been to them, or even better saying too much “in house” time with the kids. How more selfish can those parents be? I challenge those individuals to just ask a parent from Sandyhook or any parent who has lost a child how much they would pay for 1 more day of “in house” time, or how many sick days they would take just to spend one more day with their children. So they throw the ball in the house and break a lamp or spill a drink on your furniture, or run screaming thru the house till you think your head will split… Treasure those moments people… shame on u and I hope your comments about having to take time out of your day for your kids were not said in a negative way around your children

  • Dan

    This post is entertaining. I have seen many comments that are ridiculous. First of all calling teachers incompetent and saying they are there to collect a check is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Teachers salaries are nothing special and last time I checked all teachers have a college degree and many a masters. If you want to be a teacher so bad go to college get a degree in education and have at it. One day last week was a holiday and the rest were closed for the safety of the students, faculty, parents, and staff the schools were closed on Tuesday do to the report they were given. All they can do is go with the information they are given and closing was the right choice with the predicted weather. The other days were obvious road conditions were inot safe and the schools first prority is the safety of the chdren. I understand these types of situations present inconvenience but blaming it on teachers and the school system is obserd. Monday was a confrence day it was not a planning day. This day was set aside for parents to meet with the teachers to look into there progress/behavior appointments are set all day.

  • Crystal

    As a teacher in another county I am glad we made today a regular school day. The children need to finish our exams ( we kept exams and extended our semester ) and get back on their routine . I am praying for no more snow until at least March!

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