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Things to do with your kids during a snow day

Snow Day

RICHMOND, Va. -You love them like the day is long, but there are only so many days you can stay home with the kids before running out of things to do. There are only so many options on Netflix…. board games in the closest and unread books on the shelf. After a week’s worth of missed school due to holidays and snow, some Central Virginia parents are left wondering what to do with all this family free time. We asked other parents for advice and suggestions. We’ll continue to update this page as new ideas come in. Click here to email us your advice and tips, or you can tweet them @CBS6.

Scott Wise January 23, 20142:54 pm

Paulette Giambertone Perrier: Simple…bundle up….go out and play. They should all go out and play.

Scott Wise January 23, 20142:54 pm

Damon Collins: I say a mini pocket rocket motorcycle in the snow and ice.

Scott Wise January 23, 20142:53 pm

Geri Pritchard Reyes: We went sledding down our hill!! Peppermint tea!! and chilled out!!

Scott Wise January 23, 20142:53 pm

Erin Thomen DiCola: I’ve had my older ones go through their drawers to get rid of the clothes that don’t fit!

Scott Wise January 23, 20142:53 pm

Megan Kelly McCue: Cut up a large, clear trash bag and tape it to the table. Then, let the painting begin! Super easy to clean up! Also, you can make “cloud dough” with 4 cups flours and 1/4 to 1/2 cup baby mixed together. It holds well and smells great!

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:28 pm

Henrietta Russell: We will make pull apart pizza the kids love this recipe and very easy to make. They will have to do this own their own. I will just supervise.

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:27 pm

Linda Miller: We filled balloons with food coloring and water and froze them then played ice bowling in the snow. They look very pretty in the snow.

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:22 pm

M.j. Gibbons: Blanket forts and camp out food ie: smores etc..

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:22 pm

Shaunte Maben: Bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them together

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:22 pm

Jennifer Mullen: Just to name a few: We put our sand and water table to good use. We filled it up with snow, then used different food coloring to color the snow a rainbow of different colors, then let their imaginations go wild We also made snow ice cream, homemade paint, and play dough with Kool-Aid.

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:21 pm

Jadie Yna Cho-Shue: Play “hockey” with Swiffers. Workout to a workout video that’s fun so the kids will wanna do it then get so tired they’ll nap.

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:21 pm

Lisa De Stefano: We made snow cream, watched movies, and painted!

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:20 pm

Deborah Shelton: Cover the kids feet with plastic bags before you put their socks on it keeps their feet dry. If you use socks on their hands you can cover them with plastic grocery bags, before you put socks on their hands.

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:19 pm

Deborah Shelton: Mix food coloring and water in old plastic spray bottles and let them paint their own pictures in the snow. It will last for a couple days

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:19 pm

Janine Harper Taylor: We are heading out to skyzone trampoline park to get the excess energy out!

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:19 pm

Teresa Hunt: Make them clean house…lol!

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:19 pm

Leslie Bobb:

going on a scavenger hunt at the art museum. Anyone else off today?
After we make our list, I’ll post it. Let’s go play together

OK, here’s what we are going to find:
8 grapes
34 swords
26 boobs
17 dogs
7 centaurs
9 fabulous hairdos (<<<that was totally Jack, I swear)
12 horses
3 olive trees
16 cherubs
4 halos
8 babies
6 angels – the full grown ones
3 monsters
2 fish
14 doors
4 fires
5 kisses
8 rocks
18 spears
6 pools of water
12 fairies

Happy hunting!

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:11 pm

Scott Wise January 23, 20141:08 pm

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