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Judge turns down McDonnells’ request to delay arraignment

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — The arraignment for former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, will go on as scheduled Friday.

This after the court denied a motion by the McDonnells’ lawyers to postpone a bond hearing until Jan. 31.

McDonnell and his wife were indicted on 14 federal corruption charges earlier this week in connection to their relationship with political donor Williams. [READ THE FULL INDICTMENT HERE: McDonnells’ Indictment]

The news broke less than two weeks after McDonnell left the governor’s mansion in Richmond.

Last month the Washington Post reported the Justice Department chose to delay possible felony charges against McDonnell and his wifeafter the governor’s attorneys made an appeal.

To enable a smooth transition of power as Terry McAuliffe became governor, attorneys asked that if prosecutors were to file charges, that it happen after Jan. 11, according to the Washington Post.







  • Glen Allen

    Let me guess, Mr. McDonnell wanted to pospone the Bond Hearing because they were mooching a winter vacation off of a new sugar daddy, right?

  • airjackie

    Bob took office in 2009 as Governor but had moved on to the White House as the Parties likely candidate. He knew the law but stayed close to the line and let his wife get the money. Everything was going his way and he looked the part of the elite Republican leader as money was no problem. But it was the Chef who brought him down. Yes Bob barter the payment to the Chef with State equipment because he did not want to pay. Once the Chef exposed the secrets of the McDonnell’s it was all over. But sticking to his lie and using taxpayers money for high overpriced lawyers he thought he could win. But Star Company Mr. Williams turned over all the evidence that prove what was going on. Now the last ditch effect Bob had was to ask Democrat/Republican lawmakers to call the Feds an give support to his honesty and character. Few answered to that request and now his delay has been turned down. To end this show Bob needs to just tell the truth and accept his punishment. Please don’t let him bring God forgives into his mess, like other criminal lawmakers do when caught.

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