Do you love puppies more than used car salesmen?

CarMax Puppy Ad


RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – CarMax is banking its new on-line ad on barking – lots and lots of barking. The Goochland-based used car chain released a “puppy version” of its “Slow Clap” ad  just in time for Super Bowl Sunday.

“If the Super Bowl has a puppy version, why don’t its commercials?” the Fortune 500 company wrote in a press release. “The human ‘Slow Clap’ commercial follows a CarMax customer as he leaves CarMax with his perfect car… the online-only puppy ad is a four-legged replica of the human storyline. Slow Claps are replaced by Slow Barks.”

Click here to view the “human” version.

And here’s the puppy version.

The “human” ad will air during the Super Bowl, but do you think CarMax should make an audible and air the puppy version instead?


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