‘White Wolf’ sightings create social media frenzy

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - There were multiple sightings of what people are calling a white wolf along Route 301 (Crater Rd.) near the Prince George County-Petersburg city line over the weekend.

The sightings started Thursday and continued into Sunday. As the sightings started to get mentioned on social media, more and more people drove to the area  to see the animal for themselves. Several videos shot Saturday were posted on YouTube.

Is this the same animal spotted in Chester last month? Is it a wolf? Is it a dog? Is it some sort of hybrid?

Watch Wayne Covil's report on the CBS 6 News at 6.


  • Suzie

    I saw one chasing two deer about a month ago in my back yard just up from the pony pasture in Richmond. It was in the early evening, but I got a good look at it. It’s white with a slight carmel color on it’s sides. Beautiful creature. It definitely was quick and hot on the tail of two doe who live in the woods nearby.

  • Wesley

    A: Wolves aren’t anywhere close in the wild.
    B: It’s not acting like it’s afraid of the people, hardly even acknowledging their presence, if at all. Wolves are afraid of people.
    C: Wolves are terrified of roads; In Yellowstone, many territories are separated by the roads that run through the park. This video shows it crossing one and hanging out right beside another (a paved, moderately busy one, no less).

    That said, I can’t say it’s 100% impossible, just very, very unlikely. At best it’s a wolf or hybrid that someone couldn’t handle and was released. 80% of hybrids get released into the wild or euthanized because their humans can’t handle them.

    PSA: Don’t get a hybrid.

  • karren

    I have a white sheppard who was just shot! Pls let the people know not all white dogs are wolves!!! She is a rough coat white German Sheppard!! Pls Pls just tell anyone seeing it to not shoot them it could be someones dog!!!

  • Joey Collins

    That looks like my friend Johnny sartor dog.. has one blue eye one brown eye..his name is Diesel so if yall see that white dog again call that name.

    • Joey Collins

      his Dog has been missing for two months so most likely Mrs.Karen’s or my good friend Johnny sartors dog

  • Pamela Argast

    wolves travel in packs, not solo- if this is a wolf – be careful – this is either someone’s large white dog/hybrid mix – still be careful and call animal control – if its been loose for a while can revert to natural instinct for eating – will go after dogs, cats, birds etc. to feed – call animal control – do not shoot it – there is a large dog missing also – see other posts.

  • Cheryl Gunter

    Please do not hurt this animal. My brother lives in Bosie Idaho and is from Richmond. He was visiting almost 4 years ago when his hybrid white wolf got spooked in a thunderstorm and ran away. He searched for this animal for a very long time. This animal’s name is Dooley and if spotted please try to call him by name. He is very gentle and will not hurt you! Dooley loves children! Please contact the Chesterfield Police Department if he is spotted again. We would love to get Dooley back home where he belongs.

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