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Texas boy forced to wear sign for swearing at teacher

SPRING, Texas (KHOU) -- A Texas boy was forced to wear a sign after he cursed out his teacher.

The 12-year-old stood on a street corner Thursday holding a sign that read, "I was suspended from school for cussing out my teacher."

Rachel Macha, a close friend of the boy's mother, said she made the sign as a last ditch effort to make a point.

"You try the different tactics, like grounding and taking things away. This was something different,” Macha said. “If you can stand up and talk like a man, you need to take your punishment like a man."

Macha and the boy's mother say previous attempts to discipline the boy did not work.

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  • Wlm Woosley

    A big cheer for mom☻ If that doesn’t work then stake the kid out in the front yard at 1600 PA Ave. DC with a note=you raise him and send him home when he turns 18. For all you that think this was bad/ better now then when it’s to late.

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