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‘I want my kids back': Mom denies toddlers found on roof while she slept

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – “I’m going to publicly be burned as some horrible mother and I’m not,” Nancy Gillikin said.

Gillikin, 27, and her Michael, 28, were arrested this week on four counts of Felony Child Neglect, according to the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators said they were called to the Gillikin’s townhouse after the couple’s children, ages two and three, were seen on the roof.

Gillikin, who is now free on bond, said deputies are not telling the truth about what happened Tuesday morning.

She said while her three-year-old son did tell investigators their 10-month-old daughter opened a screen window, she denies her toddlers ever made it onto the roof.

“If they were out on that roof, they would’ve fallen,” she said.  “They don’t have the balance that adults do.”

But Spotsylvania Sheriff’s deputies said that’s what their officers witnessed.

“Upon deputies’ arrival they saw two small toddlers, ages two and three, on the roof near the edge,” said Capt. Jeff Pearce. “Apparently they had crawled out the window.”

Deputies made entry, but Nancy Gilliken said all they had to do was push in the door.

The roof in question is above the first floor porch, about nine feet off the ground.

Deputies said they went straight to the room the toddlers had exited, and pulled them safely inside.  They then discovered the Gillikins fast asleep in the next room with their 10-month-old alone in a play pen in the room next door.

“You admit it wasn’t a good idea to be asleep while the kids were awake, right?” Jon Burkett asked.

“It probably wasn’t, but I thought they were sleeping and I didn’t mean to fall asleep,” Gillikin replied.

Detectives and social service investigators on scene were concerned about the condition and cleanliness of the town home and arrested the Gillikins and charge them with felony child neglect.

It’s the second time the Gillikins have been charged with crimes detrimental to their children’s welfare, investigators said. As for the first go-round, Nancy Gillikin said the charges were reduced.

She said she hopes to get her kids back again this time.

“I want my kids back,” she said.  “I’ve dedicated my life to them.  I’m a good parent and I’d do anything for them.”

The Gillikins’ children stayed with family members Wednesday night.  The Gillikins say they look forward to their day in court and clearing this all up.

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