Select McDonald’s set time limit for dining in

Posted on: 3:53 pm, January 17, 2014, by

NEW YORK — Some of the McDonald’s franchises in New York are setting time limits for their customers who dine in.

According to WPIX, a McDonald’s in Flushing, Queens gives their customers 20 minutes to gobble down their meal.

Some are overstaying their welcome, and the restaurant is trying to give them the boot.

It was reported that the fast food franchise is complaining that clusters of seniors linger for hours as they nurse a coffee or share a bag of fries while chatting with each other.

They say it hurts business.

Other McDonald’s franchises say teenagers are the problem and tend to hang out at the fast food joint when there’s no where else to go.

Similar policies have been implemented at other McDonald’s locations around the country.

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  • scars says:

    I can see it now, roving gangs of old people staking claim to their turf at a local McDs, lol.

  • Becky says:

    Apparently New York loves to be controlled, regulated, managed, and herded and accepts it like sheep.

  • Dave r says:

    It’s because of the way certain people act. You know, with the knock out game and all

  • Rob K says:

    It’s a place to eat, not a place to meet. Charge them by the hour!

    • athynz says:

      As long as they have paid for something – and continue to get something – then no. If they are not buying anything then they need to leave. Charging them for just being there is a bit ridiculous.

  • gary says:

    Its why some places have done away with the free-Wi-Fi. This is no different than restaurants like the ESPN Zone, where you have an hourly food minimum to sit in their prime seating. Everyone has gone somewhere to eat and had to wait for someone to get up to get a seat, and looked at a table of people who are obviously “camped out”, and thought…get the F up so I can sit and eat for 5 minutes!

  • Eddie says:

    I have seen 15 and 20 minute limit signs in McDonald’s for years.

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