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Thousands lace up to honor Hanover mother

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ASHLAND, Va. (WTVR) - Over 95,000 runners and walkers from all over the world took steps to remember Meg Menzies Saturday.

Meg was struck and killed Monday while running in Hanover County. Dr. Michael Carlson was arrested and charged with DUI and involuntary manslaughter in relation to the incident.

Those in the running community said it's important to be safe on the road because as much as runners would like to, not all drivers can be trusted.

Mike Harman, the owner of TrainTown CrossFit in Ashland, said he will be running with a heavy heart Saturday. Harman knows the family of Menzies, the 34-year-old killed while running in Hanover County.

"Our sorrow runs so deep," Harman said. "I think like everyone else we are in complete shock."

Strangers all the way from California to New Zealand took to the streets in memory of Meg.

"It's a sad situation that 3 children lost their mother.  I just have to support the family anyway I can,” said Karena Jackson.

Scott Schricker of Sportsbackers reminds runners and walkers to think about Menzies as they embark on their 10K training. Schricker says safety for runners and drivers during the run should be paramount.

"If you're running with a group remember to run against traffic, run in single file and don't block the road," Schricker said.

Harman, who serves as an Ashland Volunteer firefighter and is friends with Meg's widower Scott Menzies, an Ashland police officer, said the first responder family is rallying around one of their own.

"We want to support the family and in a tragic loss everyone is looking to express their feelings. We want to do it in a safe environment," Harman said.



  • Becky

    It’s almost a violation, sacrilege, of profession, mission, and purpose for Media to deliberately use overly dramatized events, emotions, and feelings; as their tools and weapons to conduct their own decided, sponsored, and overtly partnered Special Interests.
    The news used to be fair, objective, facts.
    The FCC has stated that “rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest.”
    That is now the new Media, with their own new purpose, mission, and objectives to facilitate their own Politics, Agendas, and with their highly publicized bias.

  • DaddySNATCH

    here’s a thought: don’t run on the freakin’ road!! There are plenty of places to run with sidewalks, tracks, trails, etc., etc. 100% of the people who don’t run on the side of busy roads LIVE!!

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