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PRINCE EDWARDS COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) – A third grade student at Prince Edward Elementary school brought an unloaded pellet gun to class Friday, according to superintendent David Smith. The gun was found in the child’s book bag.

“The classroom teacher promptly reported this to administration, who acted quickly and appropriately to secure the student and the weapon,” Smith wrote in a letter to parents. “At no time was any student or staff member in danger of harm.”

According to Smith, the third grader had an unloaded pellet gun in this book bag. The incident happened earlier in the day.

The teacher said she told school administrators right away. They retrieved the pellet gun and then quickly secured the student.

Smith said no threats were made to any students or staff members — and that no one was in any danger.

The student’s parent and police were called to the school.

Smith says school policy and procedures were followed and pointed out that this incident is good reminder for students, parents and the community that weapons of any type are not allowed on school property.

The superintendent said the student has been suspended from school pending a disciplinary hearing.

State law mandates expelling students for at least one year if they violate the weapons policy except under extenuating circumstances.


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