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Missing Mechanicsville teen found safe

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) - Deputies say a 16-year-old Mechanicsville girl missing for over a week was found safe Friday.

The Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said Tamara N. Collins, who goes by “Tete,” was last seen leaving her home last Thursday night.

Based upon a citizen tip, Hanover investigators discovered Collins was at a residence in Richmond. With the help of Richmond police, the teen was located shortly after 12 p.m. Friday and returned to her home in Mechanicsville.

Investigators said Collins was in good condition when she was found.

"The Sheriff’s Office would like to extend our sincere appreciation the media for their efforts in quickly communicating this information to the public, which generated the tip that led to Collins’ safe recovery," Lt. Chris R. Whitley with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office wrote in a statement.


  • bobby

    know how many teens go “missing” everyday around Richmond.Fact is unless foul play is involved the police don’t even actively look for these teens,they go into a state database and if seen or happen to have contact with the police then they know rarely do the police ask for the media’s help in most cases.Wonder what makes this case different?

  • jannie

    They say foul play isn’t suspected, however, that’s not a definite statement. I take it as if you don’t have children to make such a insensitive bogus assumption. Better yet I’ve seen many missing tteen alertts here, even when they are found safe, besides any mother would want some type of clue. First time I’ve heard about this is today although she’s been missing for a week, don’t you think its about time.

  • Alan Greene

    Had to be a suspesion of foul play or a accusation, to get the police that involved as well as the media.
    My daughter was missing from SCHOOL in Chesterfeild County, at 10:30 am….the school had no idea. We the parents did not found out
    Until 4:30pm when we went to pick her up from her scheduled after school activity. Since the school took zero responsibility, I informed the
    Local police and they list it as a runaway…we could not get any type of
    Assistance in looking for her. It was up to solely myself to start working
    Timelines and social media…It took me 54 hours to track her down with
    No help from media or police we count ourselves lucky….As far as the
    School goes, well we took a couple of days then went back to put her in
    School it was the few days before thanksgiving so we were not 100% on leaving her but needed to discuss things there. The school who at
    This point as barred no responsibility to the fact that she was there and
    Then she was gone and no one knew it, proceeds to give her 3 days
    Detention for skipping school……REALLY, YOU didn’t even know she was fucking gone are you kidding me !!!!!
    I would not wish the HELL of the feeling that it is on the parents and the child’s siblings when a young person goes missing.
    It is a shame as a community and as a people we all do not put more value on one another than what it is today.
    In reality when you really look hard and you look around we live in a very SELFISH time. And it’s not that we all want it that way, it that we have learned we have to survive that way. And that is what is sad, this is not the freedom our forefathers intended…….

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