Woman stabbed and injured when elephant flips her car

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Elephant attack in South Africa

A safari trip turned into a close encounter with the wild when an elephant attacked a vehicle in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Sarah Brooks was stabbed in the leg by the animal’s tusk according to the BBC. Brooks was on the safari with a partner who escaped with only minor injuries.

The couple was driving behind the elephant when it suddenly turned around, pushed the car and then stepped on it — even flipping it over.

A report by the BBC says the elephant was later killed because park officials could not understand the animal’s behavior. Later on it was discovered the elephant was going through a period of time in which male elephant’s testosterone levels are heightened and they become more aggressive.

WARNING: This video does contain profanity.


  • scars says:

    So, the elephant was going through a natural phase in its life and they shot it for basically being an elephant. Thank goodness we don’t do that with humans or else none of us would ever make it out of adolescence alive.

  • They killed the elephant that apparently felt threatened by this big blue object following him so closely???!!! When that elephant stepped aside from in front of them they had the opportunity to go on by slowly and away from him, but they sat there. I just dont understand when common sense became such a thing of the past.

  • NannieBee says:

    The elephant was in it’s own area. People are making the mistake of trying to get too close to wild life. The animals should not be put down for human error.

  • leo says:

    They could have easily went around the elephant…so the elephant was killed for NOTHING SMH..

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