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Delegates efforts to limit red light traffic cameras hits dead end

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR)--They watch your every move through certain intersections across parts of Virginia, snapping photographs of drivers breaking the law.

The controversial red light cameras.

Municipalities like Virginia Beach put them to use to catch lawbreakers, but not everyone has given cameras a green light.

Henrico Delegate Joe Morrisey wants to pull the plug on the cameras, but his efforts at the General Assembly aren't gaining too much traction.

Wednesday morning his House Bill 116, which would limit the use of traffic cameras, was tabled unanimously this morning in a House of Delegates Subcommittee.

Tabling the bill basically means the legislation is dead for the session. Delegate Morrissey calls the cameras an "absolute unadulterated scam."

Delegate Morrissey tried to reign in the red light cameras last General Assembly session, but was unsuccessful then.

The Democrat says he is not deterred and that the issue is not dead at the General Assembly. Another Delegate, Republican Ben Cline from Rockbridge, introduced legislation that would ban the cameras altogether.

Morrissey says Cline has his full support.

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  • James C. Walker

    Red light cameras are a for-profit business partnership between a for-profit camera company and a city willing to deliberately mis-engineer their traffic lights and use predatory rules to ticket safe right on red turn drivers. The cameras are a total scam, as Delegate Morrisey says.

    Injury crashes have as much as doubled at Virginia intersections after the cameras were installed. Do the for-profit camera companies care? Do their business partner cities care? Of course not, as long as the money rolls in on schedule.

    VA residents who have had enough of the money grab scam of red light cameras need to contact their Delegates and Senators to insist they support Delegate Cline’s bill to ban the cameras. Let the legislators know you find the cameras to be unacceptable and intend to vote in the future ONLY for people dedicated to ending their use.

    James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association

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