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‘Concerned Puppy Lover’ leaves note for neighbors

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FARMVILLE, Va. (WTVR) – A woman, upset after seeing dogs left outside during last week’s sub-freezing temperatures, decided she’d leave a note at a neighbor’s home.

CLICK TO READ note written by 'Concerned Puppy Lover'

CLICK TO READ note written by ‘Concerned Puppy Lover’

“I frequently drive up and down your street and I have noticed that you keep your dogs out in the yard during inclement weather,” the letter began. “I hope that you plan on bringing them inside tonight, where it is warm, as it is supposed to be 6 degrees outside.”

The woman, who signed the letter ‘Concerned Puppy Lover,’ then  appeared to make a veiled threat to the dog owner.

“I know someone who really wants another dog (not me…) and you wouldn’t want someone (not me…) to accidentally pick up your dog because it looked so sad and cold and pitiful…. or even worse call animal control.”

The person who forwarded the letter to CBS 6 News said when ‘Concerned Puppy Lover’ drove by the home the next day, all the pets were inside.

She said she wanted to share the story to remind everyone to bring in pets when the weather gets dangerously cold.

During last week’s polar vortex cold snap, Chesterfield animal control officers responded to 19 calls from people concerned about pets left outside. None of the animals were seized. Officers said once they made the welfare checks, pet owners took the pets inside.


    • Suzie

      Not so, google dogs frozen to death last week and see what you find. Kudos to this concerned neighbor for caring enough to react.

    • athynz

      Not at all – it put a scare into the irresponsible pet owners without involving the government. I’d be willing to bet that the pet owners will think twice before leaving their pets out in inclement weather again.

  • Becky

    Wonder at some dog owners that pen their dogs outside 24/7, year round, with no love, interaction, discipline, or socialization. Why
    have one and continue to get more?

    • jenny

      I totally agree. I think for some people, its prestige or something. Or they are decorating their yard, using the dogs like live decorations. Its a shame. There should be laws against it.

  • Carol Plummer

    Way to go, I only wish more people would make the effort! What would be even better – make the people who keep their pets outside in these conditions spend a night in the dog pen or on the dogs chain! Let the owner get a better idea of how the dog feels!

  • Lynne

    Don’t think they took it too far by writing the letter. My heart goes out to the animals that are neglected. As one person stated, imagine if you spent the night out there with a chain around your neck for just one night…you then may have empathy for what you did to your animal. Thank you to the person who wrote the letter.

  • R.C.

    I’m an animal lover, but I’ve got to question this to a certain degree. In that, my one cat has no issue with going out in this sort of weather. However, it’s during the day and I always check several times a day to see if he’s come back from his adventures. Wherein as, he always comes home by 10PM and on colder nights, might show up an hour or two earlier. And he lubs the snow, but not while it’s coming down. Am I to cave to someone driving by my house during the day or even early evening that thinks otherwise. I’ve had cats all my life and one thing I’ve learned about them, they know what they do or don’t like. And since I’m an outdoors person and actually enjoy chasing snow storms out in the mountains of WV in similar or more brutal conditions to hike in it, should I be put into jail because you believe I’m abusing myself? So it’s noted, my boy stays locked up with his brother and sister; who don’t enjoy this weather; while I’m gone. Just because you yourself doesn’t or can’t handle a certain weather condition, doesn’t make you judge and jury. At the same time I wouldn’t have had an issue with this person simply writing a letter stating one should consider their animals. However, they stepped over the line with the threat. And since they and the person that forwarded this letter on didn’t want to be identified, you got to question why. I know the world is full of nut cases, but if you feel so justified in what you believe in, then identifying yourself should not be a issue.

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